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Valentine's Day 2010

Feb 14, 2010 - 2 comments










It has been a beautiful day, low temperatures, but sunshine. The first day in a while when I have felt warm reaching the meeting place for the walks. I wear layers and layers of clothes as I have to stand around waiting for people to turn up (or as today, not turn up) and generally my feet get cold.

I find these days of no activity really difficult, although there's plenty to do at home. Dragging backwards and forwards between home and the meeting point (a 20 minutes walk) seems so pointless, but when people turn up for a walk, I get such a boost of self confidence, it helps to keep me sane for the rest of the week.

Having said that, I do get tired, both physically and mentally and if I didn't have to work in an office during the week, I would give it up and just take the walks I love to do it so much.

If I didn't have the financial worries at the moment, I don't think I would get so tired. It is exhausting trying to think of ways of making ends meet, trying to find the money to buy the little things that are necessary (like shoes at the moment), trailing around all the different supermarkets to get the best deals.

I have cut down on the spending (not that I overspent before) to the point where 'frugal' is a joke. I seem to be living off couscous, sardines and chicken, baked beans and frozen vegetables. I've even moved over to ultra-heat treated milk because it is cheaper - how ridiculous is that?

Enough of this moan and grip and whinge. I'm normally a 'glass half full' type of person, but the last 11 months have been so difficult and I can see no end to it.

So apologies if you've read to the end. I'll try to be more up-beat next time.

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535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Feb 14, 2010
Hey thats okay we all do it , its good to do a little mild venting, you will see that a lot of us have more than a little yell at times, I just lost a family member in England In Devon I really had a big moan sound like you could do with more leisure and I know how that must feel. The weather in UK can be chilly now the Spring is ahead and that makes my family in England feel better .....

1208339 tn?1266579735
by Becca1962, Feb 15, 2010
Hey Margy, losing family members is always difficult regardless of whether it is expected or not. It is always a big adjustment and sometimes the 'guilt thing' gets in the way. My maternal grandmother lived with us for about 30 years and when she died, I felt guilty that I hadn't been nicer to her. She was always difficult to get along with and it drove my father crazy. When my aunt died, the guilt was more about not appreciating her as much as I should have. I now thank her frequently because my house if practically furnished with ther stuff!

I must go now and get ready to leave for work.

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