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Problems that I now I have

Dec 14, 2007 - 1 comments


Okay, it is the winter. I believe my days are catching up with me. I may look like I am walking and talking fine, and taking life at a pace, but truly I am not... I suffer from constant vertigo(dizziness), I just had them, since December 10, 2007. I went to the ER on December 13, I felt so dizzy, I couldn't keep up with my balance, it felt as if I was moving so much... I got checked up, and the doctor says that nothing was wrong with my brain and I had alot of fluid in my ear, and that my muscle on my back is just the cause of pain... I believe not! He prescribed antivert for me. Makes me feel weird... I don't know what I should do, what doctor or specialist should I go see?

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by Sunny602, Dec 14, 2007
Hmm, sounds alot like Meniere's disease or inflammation of the inner ear. You would be amazed at just how incapacitating that can be! A good friend of mine literally could not stand up because her body could not tell which way was up, the spinning sensation was horrible. I would go to an ENT or someone who specializes in this problem. There are treatments out there...Here is a link that describes this, I am betting that you will see many of your symptoms there:

I hope that you get relief soon...Sunny

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