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Oh, anxiety!

Feb 15, 2010 - 2 comments





Panic Disorder








Heart Disease

I think I am finally coming to terms with how severe my panic disorder actually is. I realize that stress is what makes the physical symptoms of each attack so terrible. The less stress, the less severe the symptoms are. Well, this past month my stress levels have sky-rocketed and even though the "time of high stress" is over, I am still experiencing terrible physical symptoms. My EKGs have been normal, I am waiting on bloodwork results, and I have an echocardiogram/stress echo scheduled for Wednesday morning. My cardiologist believes my symptoms are due to stress and dehydration, but since heart disease does run in my family it is better to be safe than sorry.

*Shortness of breath
  My shortness of breath really comes and goes out of nowhere. For example, I will be driving to the store on a normal "stress-free" (or so it seems) day and suddenly I feel like I cannot breathe.. No negative thoughts prior to the occurrence of short breath... It just happens out of  nowhere. When it gets bad, I will pull over and call my mom and once my mind is taken off of my shortness of breath, I realize it goes away.

*Heart palpitations
I feel my heart beating hard and fast randomly. For example, one night I was just watching one of my favorite TV shows and relaxing and suddenly I felt my heart racing. The only reason why I realized it was because it felt like it was beating out of my chest. I went to an urgent care center where they gave me and EKG and my heart rate was close to 100bmp but everything else was normal.

*Chest pains/discomfort
  I realized that this past month the chest pains have become very frequent. There is sometimes hours of discomfort in my sternum area and left/right side of my chest. Sometimes, there are stabbing/shooting pains in my left and right side of my chest. It got bad when I got stressed with school, but after the big exam was over that I was stressing most about and passed, I am still having the pains!

*Feeling "spaced out"
Here and there I will feel completely "spaced out" or "out of it", sometimes when I am just randomly driving or trying to study. It especially ruins my concentration when I need to study.

*Body aches and pains
  My whole body started hurting recently, and I had this back during the summer as well. My back, arms (both but mostly left, gets, neck, down to my fingers and toes! It has been going on for weeks now and it gets so bad that it keeps me up at night.

*Shooting pains/headaches in the back of skull
  This is quite random, I never really had this until recently when I dealt with a stressful situation, but now the situation is over and I am still having these pains every so often!

*Tingling sensation in my arms and fingers
  I started having this recently. The first time I got it, it accompanied my shortness of breath, stabbing pains in my chest, feeling out of it, etc. I got a sense of "doom" that I was going to faint and the worst part is that I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic!

EKGS (about 5 or 6 in the past two years) - ALL NORMAL

I'll update with the results of the tests I am waiting to hear back on once I receive them.

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400350 tn?1201715282
by AJD111, Jul 13, 2010
Join the crowd my friend, I get the same things...Doctors say stress anxiety, gas...etc..

1804975 tn?1316113819
by Dancelover, Sep 16, 2011
I've been dealing what you have been going through, but I also was weak and dizzy with that. My doctor gave me  pills that 1 was called O-Primrose, and these dissolving pills called heel BHI exshaustion for homeopathy, 9 pills a day. After taking all of this, it made me feel so much better! I hope this will help you.

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