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Is it ms?

Aug 10, 2015 - 0 comments

is it ms?





Well it's been over a year now, this attack on my body, my mind, my sanity in some cases. It started off with my they hurt! Weird pain, like not really happening kind of pain? Sure, makes sense. Then my god awful leg, it just to leg. I was the class clown so to speak, i didn't walk to my patients, i danced (my version of dancing) or a ran, i was always the first one to the patients room. The young girls i worked with always teased me about having energy to spare. Now i walked with a limp, or stumbled, and there were no bruises or marks or wounds or blood...just a tired old lady (k not really really old, 36..but felt 90) who couldn't keep up anymore. And it just got worse from there.
Then came the electric socks...they were fun! Bazinga! Turning my head, looking down or bending over became Russian roulette...maybe I'll get shocked and hit my knees in suprise, maybe I'll just function like a normal human just never knew! Oh i do love surprises...but it got old pretty fast. Then the tingly face,  the burningof back, the slurring and inability to get a sentence now i can't do my terrible dancing or tell a joke or even respond with appropriate sarcasm without slurring and tripping over my words...the whole thing was starting to really make me i went to the doc.

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