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I had a smile on my face.

Feb 15, 2010 - 0 comments

All day. I woke up late and just coudn't move. Again.  But I made it and we made the bus and I made dough.  They didn't want me there, they don't want my opinion, I am a ghost in that class. But I don't care. I'm there for me, to learn, not to make lifelong friends.  So whatever. I ate crem brulee.  I will regret this very much, very sooon.  And a bit of orange cake.

Lalala, too much homeowkr. If I have nothing for the week, I am unproductive. If I have a full wekk, I feel solid, but also  very stressed. I started a calender last night. No lie, it's a 2004 calender. I don't care. I just change the day and write. I'll remember it all. I will.  Good bejesus of swines.

I have to find a friggin disncharacter to be and I friggin hate it becasue all I look like is snow white and my friggin curly haired, tall, brown haired, ******* "friend" has to be snow white. Even though she could be any princess she wanted.  My god I'm at my lsat nerve with her.  I don't know what to be now. **** disnety  and thow all of their princesses are figgin blonde.  What the hell.

I went to Steve's and we watched Intervention! I ate chips and pork and candy. I love chocolate.  He played music btu it was a fun night.  

Now I'm here stressing over movies. I hate this.  

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