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Why I Am Here

Jul 08, 2008 - 7 comments

I never went through Chemo but after fine needle aspiration (in Aug of 2000) of an ovarian cyst during a Lap, I was Dx. positive for malignant cells consistent with Papillary Adenocarcinoma. It was confimed during a subseqent hysterectomy that the cyst was epithelial in origin for the cells and excluded origin of a corpus luteum cyst.  However, during the hysterectomy (Sept. 2000) no additional cancer was found, and so even though the surgery was warranted, I was left Without a final Dx.of Ovarian Cancer.

I am not sure why this all happened. But, it is one reason I found this site (MedHelp) back in 2004 was because I wanted to belong to a group of people who "got it".... I needed a safe place to process what happened to me... the "could have beens" and the advocacy I try to promote to all regarding their health care (I know this is easier said than done at times, too...). I also stay because I luckily found an awesome way of getting rid of surgical adhesions that just involves rolling a little ball (I know... I know...Health Pages.... I promise :))  and then there is the occasional hormonal comment from me....

For addtional information, including the name of the book that provided me with the most helpful hormone protocol which I follow to this day, check out my journal "Update."

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543028 tn?1282428826
by Sharon2714, Jul 08, 2008
your story has inspired me

i too was considering asking for the bio hrt triad (estrogen progesterone and testosterone) after my upcoing surgery and am glad i found someone in whom the combo works

u are so kind to share your story mary
i feel u as a kindred spirit

love n prayers

117289 tn?1391712825
by Gatsby, Jul 09, 2008
Mary, because of you, I too am on bio hrt and have discovered the wonderous effects of body rolling on adhesions.  You are simply marvelous and really should write a book!!
Love ya!

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by cirella, Jul 09, 2008
Dear Angel,
You are here b/c you have a helping and loving spirit and want to pass along all and I mean ALL of your wonderful and useful information!  And, you are such a funny and kind person and getting to know you has shown me this.

I understand your question, though.  I have asked the same of myself.  I come back to support those who took time out of their lives to calm me and get me thought the horrid "limbo" land of wait and see.  And, I've met some pretty awesome people, like you, and that makes me just want to talk with them and support them.  I consider them (you) a friend.

Mary, you have a gift which is helping those who need direction and information.  Some of us, well ME, are challenged in the research department...note I did not say lazy!  LOL  I know I cannot speak for everyone but I'm betting that there have been MORE women than you will ever know who have benefited by your countless hours of research.

Hey...I don't call you The Angelic Righter Of Hormones for nothing!
Love and ((hugs))

119341 tn?1232563757
by PPhelps, Jul 09, 2008
I agree with Tascha. You should write a book.
Love ya, Paula

225036 tn?1294509400
by fungirl1011, Jul 09, 2008
Mary, you are one of the kindest women I have ever met.  You have so much knowledge and you really care about women on this forum.  I am so glad that I had you on my side when I went to battle to get bio HRT.  Remember, I told the doctor "Because Mary said so, and she knows what she is talking about!!"  I agree with everyone else, You should write a book.  I would be first in line to buy it.  Thank you for all that you do for us.  You are awesome.  Love you so much, Kasie

483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Jul 09, 2008
I have benefitted from your advice on hormones and adhesions and even pass it along to others outside this community.  So you are a published writer and didn't even know it!  Thank you so much for being there.


282804 tn?1236833591
by Jan214, Jul 09, 2008
You are here because I need you.  Is that a good enough reason?  Nite

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