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Baby boy name list #1

Feb 17, 2010 - 36 comments

My husband and I CANNOT decide on a baby boy name to save our life! We have our girl's name set in stone so I'm praying for PINK! LOL but we need to have a boy's name decided on as well.

My husband is very picky and requires a few things- # 1- The name cannot be too common, #2 It must be at least 2 syllables to flow with our last name.

I am going to start making journals for the current names we are tossing around so I won't forget them. I would like people to add their opinions and suggestions! Here is list # 1:

In no particular order of favorite:

1) Liam

2) Logan

3) Ronan

4) Hunter

5) Tanner

6) Darien

7) Callum

8) Noah

9) Brody

10) Owen

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by mamaofonetrying42, Feb 17, 2010
Owen, liam were on my list as well...Love the name Owen Matthew but Dh did not! We both liked Liam but it was not our fav...We have a son named Hunter, so I Love that name too! And We are naming this lil guy Logan! lol It was not on our list but after going though EVERY name and even having a name picked out for him (Chandler, the only name we could a agree on) I Repeated the name Logan and with in 5min we were 100% that that was his name! Boy names are SO Hard! Good Luck!

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by AmyG89, Feb 17, 2010
Thanks Toni! We both love the name Logan, my only hesitation with it is that I live near Boston and that is our Airport LOL. I never thought coming up with boy's names would be so difficult. We immediately agreed on the girl's name which I assumed would be harder to agree on. Nothing is really jumping out at me like "Yes, that is the name for our child" I feel like I need to have that moment where we both just "know" that it's the right name!

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by mamaofonetrying42, Feb 17, 2010
With my 1st we had that moment! But the last two I didnt, I didnt really like the name Hunter intill there was no names my Dh and I could agree on, (he liked the name) and I wanted him to have a name so I settled and Now Love it, I couldnt img. him having any other name..... :o) Again with this one, there was no name just jumping out at me and if it did Dh didnt like it...

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by chamberlainlove, Feb 17, 2010
LIAM MICAH is the name my husband and i have decided! we are currently on clomid with an ultrasound scheduled tuesday. we have the ovidrel hoping for a good outcome with an IUI!

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by EmsMom07, Feb 17, 2010

Well heres a couple, hope it helps you out =0)

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by LandM2009, Feb 17, 2010
I like Liam, Brady, Caden and Noah.

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by JoyRenee, Feb 17, 2010
Love Hunter!

I think Logan and Noah are becoming pretty common but I could be wrong. I like those names, too!

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by Caralea, Feb 17, 2010
I like Camden... I know it is not on the list.. but not so common and close to caden... Brady or Brody is cool too!!

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by AHP84, Feb 17, 2010
I like Ronan and Darien. My husband and I almost named our son Darien, but I was more keen on that name whereas he liked Dorian we had to come up with a different name because neither of us could agree on that one, lol.

I also noticed the name Callum. That's a unique name, and I had a similar one on my name list, which was Kallen. I like Kallen/Callen a bit more than Callum. For some reason when I see or hear the name Callum, I think of the stuff you use to make pickles...alum powder, lol. That's just me though. :-)

Good luck on the name hunt! I know it took my husband and I much longer to pick out a boy name than a girl name. We had a girl name picked out almost right away, but we debated for WEEKS on a boy name.

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by NJR1124, Feb 17, 2010
I love Noah and Liam!  My DH does not :(  Boy names are really hard.  I like Ronan too, but how about Rowan?  I like that one better!

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by usuk, Feb 17, 2010
Liam and Owen are cute.

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by noahsmommy8, Feb 17, 2010
my sons name is noah so i really like that one! it is becoming popular though! i also like orion! i know its outthere but not very many people have this name!!!!

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by cherylsangel, Feb 17, 2010
i really like the name Ryder (Rider)....i don't know anyone with that name personally so its not that common in my books!

1209036 tn?1299178657
by cherylsangel, Feb 17, 2010
I realize that name is not on the list though!

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by aheart, Feb 19, 2010
Liam or Hunter get my vote, wait til you get to middle names!LOL

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by manieo811, Feb 19, 2010
i love logan but probably mainly cause that's my son's name Logan Lee or logan michael

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by charmerjoey, Oct 11, 2010
the strange weird names people come up with seem to help the child grow up more out spoken, by being more independent and not a follower, but all good names.
i like darien, hunter, callum, ryder, Skye, Zeke.
but, if i have to vote for a name to be chosen, i'd pick: Zeke.

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by retta483, Mar 15, 2011
Im so In the same boat as you . I have a girls name  but have no idea for a boy . I have had 5 boys in a row so im totally out of names and names I think is cute are already taken my hubbys mom is the brady bunch #2 lol so I have alot of nieces and nephews  who used names I thought were cool when i wasnt pregnant . so far I like Brycen and Kole and Tyler . nothing is set in stone for the boy :p  so I pray for that sake it is a girl besides my daughter would like a sister .

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by krichar, Mar 15, 2011
I saw your journal in a side bar... We have a boys name picked out as we are having a boy, it is Tristan and our 11 year old son is Sebastian. As for the names on your list the one I like and know none of that name is Ronan. For suggestions of  other names that fit your requirements we threw around Xavier, Christian, Matteo, Declan, Matthius. As you see we like different names!

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by hopeitworks, Mar 15, 2011
I like the name Seth which isnt common I dont think
of the names on your list I like Owen and Callum

Good Luck :)

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by Ashelen, Mar 15, 2011
Liam and Ronan were both on our short list too...I love them both :-). We narrowed it down to Rylan and Grey and ended up choosing Grey because we got some very clear signs from the man above - don't overthink it. the right name will come to you, especially with boys lol.

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by adgal, Mar 15, 2011
Oh, I see a few mentioned Ryder.  That is my son's name, so of course I am a fan!

From your list I really really love Callum and Ronan. They are all cute though. Good luck, I know how hard this is.  It took us forever to pick Ryder as our son's name.

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by blueeyedtabbycat, Mar 15, 2011
well I have a Hunter Jamison so I like that name:) But from Your list I like Liam:) I also have a Tristan and a Dalton in my group of boys. Tristan is my #1 all time favorite boy name:)

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by melimeli, Mar 15, 2011

1117231 tn?1456609540
by gilkesy, Mar 15, 2011
My husband and I also had a girls name picked out almost immediately and when we found out we were having a boy had a lot of trouble finding one we both agreed on. Our little man will be called "Lachlan".

I have a friend however, who named their two sons, first born was Hunter, and second born was named Ryder.
Both I think are becoming quite common, but lovely names.

From your list I prefer the name Logan. Go with your gut instinct!!!

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by echoecho9er, Mar 15, 2011
I vote for Callum, but I also love Kale very strong sounding (though I have a family member through marraige who's name is Kale, and he's really tall, tanned and REALLY built lolol)
and 2nd would be Hunter.  IMO, Liam is too common now at least where I live seems like everyone I know has a Liam or knows a Liam : ) Logan is also very cute!  Good luck, can't wait to see what you decide!        

296076 tn?1371334474
by melimeli, Mar 15, 2011
I am a second grade teacher and have never known a liam... so not common on the west coast

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by chezross, Mar 16, 2011
my boyfriend loves the name hunter! he really wants it for our boy name (growing up in manchester though wouldnt be a wise idea for him :/)

my nephew is called owen so i really like that name :)

i like tanner and logan! but these names arent common in the uk, liam is though..i know at least 3!

1461073 tn?1308677548
by crackerjack4u2, Mar 16, 2011
Here a few that I like. Some are fairly common.  

Dawson or Dalton
Aden-or Adon or Adian
Callib- or Caleb
Dominic or Dominick
Brison-or Bryson

Good Luck I'm sure the right name for him will come to you when you least expect it to.  God Bless Brenda

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by Alexis2358, Mar 16, 2011
I'm having a boy as well and couldn't come up with a boy name that we both liked together either.    One night early in my pregnancy when I was still worried every single second, I had a dream....we were in our new house already, that we hadn't even started building yet and I was holding a little boy in a white sleeper....he was a perfect healthy little boy and his name was Kaden Michael.   I'd never heard of the name before but we both really liked.    Funny thing is....when I first got pregnant (after 2 m/c's), I said....this little one is going to have to be a fighter cause we are soon to start building our house and have alot of work ahead of us.    When I looked up the name means fighter.

We are now in our house and believe it or not, the room I was holding him in looks just like in my dream and not too long ago, we got a beautiful white sleeper as a gift :).

Good luck with your name....maybe sleep on it :)

688845 tn?1325182236
by AmyG89, Mar 16, 2011
Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts! So funny, this journal is a year old, I had no idea it was brought back to     life = )

I wrote this journal when I was pregnant with my first baby that I sadly miscarried. I am now 7 weeks pregnant again so this definitely still applies.

DH has his heart set on Liam Caiden for a boy, we will see if he changes his mind again.

Even though Liam is #2 on the most popular list, I don't know of any Liam's.

Thank you again everyone!

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by logigirl, Mar 16, 2011
tanner and noah are my favs from your list.

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by mamaofonetrying42, Mar 16, 2011
So sorry to hear about your loss. And congrats on the new pregnancy! Love the name liam. I have only meet One liam!

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by mhv, Mar 16, 2011
Noah is becoming quite popular, not so uncommon any longer.
My two fav's are Grant and Grayson : )  
It's hard isnt' it?!?!  May I ask what your have for a girls name?

688845 tn?1325182236
by AmyG89, Mar 16, 2011
Thanks Toni!

MHV- Well since this journal was written last year our girl's name was

Teagan Neveah but we have since changed it to Sophia Neveah

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by mamaofonetrying42, Mar 17, 2011
Love the name Sophia but its becoming to common out here were I live.. But I do Love it!

My new Fav girl name is Farrah!! Love it !

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