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PART 2: It's now 1pm...Dining on isotopes will begin shortly…Dr. X delivered the RAI 131 pill

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RAI 131 radioactive iodine


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rai 131

PART 2: It's now 1pm...Dining on isotopes will begin shortly…Dr. X delivered the RAI 131 pill

FEB. 10TH, 2010

It's now 1pm...Dining on isotopes will begin shortly…

I am shown to a room with a huge nuclear sign on the door. There are many WARNING SIGNS posted.

Flooding out from the room is plastic; a sea of plastic coats everything. The walls, the floor, the sink the bed, the phone, the chair, the toilet and I mean everything is coated in plastic. The toilet is all steel, no seat and covered in plastic. Looks like a prison potty. No shower. The entire room overwhelms me. This is nothing like I was told, like I pictured. I don’t want to be here, this is very wrong.

They block my husband, and tell him he has to say goodbye from there, he cannot come in this room. I suck it up, and he does too. This is not easy. He’s worked hard to get me here. I refuse to chicken out, even though every bone is my body is starting to scream run puffer fish, run!  

Two young interns come in with a cart. On it is a canopic jar, somewhat reminding me of an Egyptian Jar that should be holding a liver or a kidney. This jar is solid metal but orange, and is surrounded on three sides with 4-5 inch lead and bullet proof looking glass.     Canopic Jars- the one with no dog ears :P     RAY-BAR X-RAY PROTECTIVE LEAD GLASS FOR RADIATION SHIELDING

The pill looks like a blue Tylenol in a tiny plastic vial. No pictures available as anything you bring in the room will be deemed radioactive and confiscated.

Walking behind it, attempting to shield their bodies are my two delivery boys.

They commence to tell me, here is what will happen:
No touching anything
I will hand you a vial with a blue pill in it
Touch the vial only
Suck it down like a shot
Drink water fast!!!
And that’s it!!

Uhmmm wait…what? Why not touch it…thought this was relatively safe?!

Now these two boys are doing the pee pee dance. I am mystified by their dance, and feeling threatened by it. I want to scold them for it, I am after all a mom.

I mean come on…they said it’s safe to go home, but these boys are ready to BOLT out of my room.

Hmmmm something tells me, I dunno…stop me if I am going out on a limb here…maybe this is not so safe?

The next thing I know I am in a frat house, being hazed and told to “chug” it. HURRY!!!
And I panic, and I do…chug it…and they flee!

Now they are telling me things from the hallway, but I am lost in thought, in pure panic. I cannot hear them, and begin slowly walking towards them.

I get up…thinking WTF did I just do…OH not a good Idea… wonder if I barf it up will I be allowed to go home? Will it hurt something? OMG what did I just do?! They got out as fast as they could.

They are chanting no…stay…Mrs. ….You must stay there on the bed!! ….I hear them faintly, and again, I question what the hell just happened…what happened to SAFE?!

The youngest one says that from about 15 feet from me to the doorway I am putting off enough radiation that his Geiger counter can read me in the next room over….through the wall.
BUT YOU SAID SAFE TO GO HOME! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY?! Why in less than 4 minutes are you getting readings in the next room through a wall…how is that SAFE?!

I am told my reading is 30+MR and I will be checked again in the morning.

There is a debate on if I should be allowed to suck on my lemon head candy. The nurse said no food for 2 hours, but I can eat my candy if it does not make me queasy.

What happened to safe Dr. X? Why did you leave my room before I got the pill? Never to return? Who let you go from your mounds of busy paperwork to come to the 11th floor for my "safe" treatment? Dr. X how about a hug?!
What no hug? OK how about YOU lick my hand and get FAT! Dr. X...where you going?

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