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Baby Boy's Middle Name...

Feb 17, 2010 - 4 comments

Hey guys I'm pretty set on the name Julian Watson if its a boy. But I need some ideas for a middle name, I really like unusual names any suggestions???
I really like Avery too, but then his initials would be JAW, and I'm not really feeling the initials. PLEASE HELP!!!

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by cherylsangel, Feb 17, 2010
Hey there.. My boyfriend has chosen a traditionally Irish name if we have a boy which will be Finnegan...don't know if that is too unusual for you but that is my suggestion!

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by aheart, Feb 17, 2010
How about Julian Jerrod Watson-or Jullian Wiles Watson

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by Gr8estMommy, Feb 22, 2010
I think Finnegan is so cool!  But I love the name Elliott.

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by EmsMom07, Feb 28, 2010
Thanks ladies for all of your suggestions =0) Still have a little while to go before I find out for sure what were having so all the tips I get are very much appreciated and helpful!

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