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I forgot my phone

Feb 17, 2010 - 0 comments

And nothing usually happens with it, but today I seem to have been very missed. My luck. Lalala, I went to school. Nothing special. I'm too deaf that I didn't hear my advisory called, so I didn't put in my classes. I'm just stupid. I didn't hear it though, and I was listening patiently. Ugh. I had a muffin for lunch- didn't particularly enjoy it just it filled me up.

YAP- my mom was late because of work. No big deal, I just feel like a ******* standing at the door for 20 minutes. Went to YAP. It was not a good day. I friggin hated it. I mean, I survived and all. But it was just ridiculous. And lonely. It was so damn loud. Sam was in Shei's seat, and John on the side of her. John has to argue a point that isn't there, insisting he's right, but his arguemnt isn't even connected to the subject and oh my god I'm getting mad thinking about it. I hate having him there. He belongs in A group. C'mon Fran, really? And SAm- she doesn't bother me when she's on the other side of the room, but I couldn't hear ANYTHING with her obnoxious giggling. The whole time. Every few minutes. And it never stopped. GOD. And Liam talkative. Doesn't bother me. Dakota was finally there. Cody and Andrea were quiet and upset about things and therefor invalid to my point. No George either. I was just lonely. We were trying to discuss things and the convos were YELLLING about things not related and I couldn't hear and it made me so mad and no one was trying to stop it. Next time- I'm just leaving. I'm just walking out and I'll sit in the kitchen or whatever. I don't care. I will not sit through that. I am wondering why Shei was not there, but I believe there's a reason.

I felt like it was Tuesday, and I knew that Steve was with Jor and Josh. So lala, stalled. Went in Headlines, shopped, went to the grocery store, pawed around. No hurry- I had time to kill. I didn't have my phone, I get home and he's pissed off because we had plans and I didn't show. I told him no prob, just come to my house at any time and I'll be home around six. Assuming my mom would be there, jon would be there, and I would be home around 6. But my mom was getting me, jon's a brat, the house was quiet and dark, locked tight, and so he was at the door alone. I felt horrible- we did have plans. I made them. TAlked about them so much. And didn't come home for another hour and a half. I'm an *******. My god, I'm so horrible.

I'm just mad. Just so mad. Jon got to stay out till ten to dance with freshman. My curfew is 9 on weekdays. But Jon doesn't ever go anywhere cause he's a lazy little **** so whenever he does want to go anywhere he has no curfew, fine, she'll stay up till whenever and come get him. No problem. But I must be home by 9. No matter what. I get bitched at for hours if I'm not home by 9. Literally. And he doesn't do his homework- he doesn't go to bed on time- he doesn't wake up on time- he makes my mom late for work- he's a smartass- he makes everyone mad. I do my homework- go to bed on time- wake up on time- do not make my mother late- and not a smartass- and rarely make people as mad as he does. I am not trying. I am older, more responsible, I had a job when I was his age. On the weekends, no less. But he stays up and plays video games. And it doesn't matter at all. We have the same rights. I wait so long for my rights and it's no, no, no. The second he mentions it the logic is "Well, Kristina has one, why can't Jon?" Just because I earned it and worked for it. He gets a free ride on my shirt tails. I wait to get a cell phone, he doesn't. Our bedtimes were always the same. Same curfew, always. I couldn't bring a boy home till I was 15. He brought girls home in the sixth grade and it was fine because they were "just friends".

I just don't get why I'm the reject child as far as humanity and rights go. I try harder and never gain anything. He gets everything with no effort.

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