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A 360' loopie on the treatment rollercoaster...(Or is it 180'?)

Jul 09, 2008 - 1 comments

Whew. 8 weeks into treatment, the interferon ticked off the immune system enough to launch an attack on my thyroid.  When I began running around in shorts and a tank top and sitting outside when it was 42' F out, (I WAS HOT!) I knew something was up...Sure enough, hyperthyroid. I was put on propanolol to keep my heart rate and blood pressure from getting too high (heart beat was racing to 160/min at times!) and felt better. After a few tests to make sure sure it wasn't Grave's disease, it was diagnosed as simple thyroiditis, with the expectation it would resolve within 6-8 weeks and flip to hypothyroid, and then hopefully, normalize...
Well, 1 1/2- 2 weeks ago, it flipped all right. I thought at first it was just the hep tx sides revisiting...I felt yucky..I hurt all over, was REALLY cranky, nausea, etc, etc..labs came back...WOW. I double checked to make sure they were actually mine!  So, now synthroid is added to my med list, and the tapering off of the propanolol begins...Up, down, loop-to-loop...Yup. Rollercoaster...4 more weeks and I get off, I hope!!!! (Whoo hoo!)                ~Melinda

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by jdwithhcv, Jul 09, 2008
Every day is an adventure on this stuff!

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