BP and HR issues again.

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Checking sugar levels again.  Palpitations are getting worse, blk out spells, lightheaded, shakey, chest feels sore, heavy and sunken in.  Can't think straight anymore.  
Have to ask myself if it's health related or just from over exerting myself.  Don't know.  Just don't like it.  Can't see straight half the time again.  
Stupid plows have me snowed in again.  Haven't touched the shovel in a couple days.  So verrrry tired of shoveling.  Pulse feels so strong today, it is making my eyesight match my pulse rate.  I know that sounds crzy.  My head is soo splitting.  Can't wait for this to pass.  
I ate thinking sugar might have dropped making me so shakey and funny feeling, and now it's getting worse.  Hopefully it will slow down soon.  Days like this makes me feel like it's going to bounce right out of my chest.  LOL
Urgggggg.  Whine......Sigh.  :-)

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