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intercranial hypertension entry 16

Feb 18, 2010 - 0 comments

intercranial hypertension









Its been quite a while since I updated things, so here's a quick summary of the last month or two.
Overall things are better - not great, but much better than they were.
We're just finishing my wifes 3rd week back at work.  She's still plagued by constant headaches, but mostly manageable.  Generally she's not taking anything for them, but some days its asprin and codiene to get through the day.
She did take one day off this week when it all got too much, but overall she's doing well.
we've seen our chiropractor again (after nearly a year of not seeing him) and are due to see him again in a week or so.   He's been fantastic in the past, and as it'd been so long, he was reluctant to do too much too soon.
Oddly, the chiropractors wife had also been diagnosed with intercranial hypertension - and also had some issues with the local hospital.  Nothing on the scale that we had, but enough messing around that confirms (along with other stories) that its a generic problem with the team at Wellington hospital - for whatever reason.
So where to from here?
Well, continued improvements on diet, exercise  (we just joined a gym), and continued alt therapy.  We will probably get in touch with Dr Mossman (neurologist) again as he seemed to be one of the few with any real common sense at the hospital.  This is mainly cos my wifes eye will dilate and lock for a few days every month - normally taking a few days to settle down.  I'd feel better if someone was at least looking into that or at the very least, aware of it.
I'm still very keen to get her seen by an endocrinologist as many of her problems seem to me to be hormone related, but she seems uninterested in seeing more doctors - and after last year, I can't really blame her.  Hopefully in time (and before another crisis point) she'll make the time to do this.

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