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February Prenatal Visit & Ultrasound #5

Feb 18, 2010 - 2 comments

Blood Pressure




Gestational diabetes








growth scan

Appointment #1

Today I started rotating to other doctors in the practice.  The appointment was very quick.  The doctor was nice.  She measured my uterus, which was good.  I gained one pound, which she said was okay.  My blood pressure was good.  She said I am slightly anemic and will be tested again in a month.  If there is no change, then I'll be given iron supplements.

Chloë's heartbeat was in the 140s so she is doing great.  Judging by how hard she kicks now I'd say she was doing just fine anyway though, lol.  Next I have an appointment for gestational diabetes teaching.

Appointment #2

Okay, I was scheduled for a gestational diabetes teaching class because I failed my 1-hour glucose test and refused to take the 3-hour test.  I felt so sick during the first test that I know I wouldn't make it through the 3-hour.  My OB understands that my previous surgery is the cause but he'd still like to treat me for GD anyway, which is fine with me because I'll get more monitoring.

I was given a monitor to track my blood sugar four times a day and I have to fax in the results weekly.  I was also given a meal plan to follow, which isn't much different from what I currently eat anyway.  Next I have an appointment for a growth scan.

Appointment #3

I did my growth scan at a different location and the ultrasound tech was not as friendly as the tech that I usually have at the other location.  She did all of her measurements without speaking.  She said Chloë is in the 15th percentile for growth, so she's going to be a small baby if she continues growing at this rate. I really don't care how big she is at birth as long as she's healthy.  There'll be plenty of time for her to gain weight once she decides to meet the world.  I scheduled my next growth scan at my usual location because I feel more comfortable there.

Three appointments in one day....I took a nap when I got home lol.

To Chloë:

Love you so much and I'd never guess that you would be tiny based on your jabs and kicks.  Can't wait to see you next week in 3D again!

Mommy loves you.

Chloë Tracker
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1150389 tn?1295562787
by TRENIECE, Feb 20, 2010
I am learning so much through other women's pregnancy lol. Is the GD test a priority? I hate the rude techs! I got one around my 2nd u/s and i wanted to kick her lol. The baby being in the 15th percentile isn't a bad sign, my aunt's baby was too and now.. Wooooo he's huge! Lol.

1000766 tn?1296749601
by msteri, Feb 20, 2010
Yeah I think it's a priority because GD can be dangerous for you and the baby. The majority of women pass the 1-hr test but I didn't. Now I have to see them for ultrasounds again at 34 weeks and then I have an appointment every week starting at 37 weeks in addition to my regular OB appointments. I'm assuming they want to check the baby's growth to make sure she isn't too large.

This tech was horrible. I can't wait to go back to my old one. I also have another 3D today. It was supposed to be next week but I won't be in town so I had to move it to today. I'm so excited!

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