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Not Sure How to Feel Better

Feb 19, 2010 - 2 comments

Stress and anxiety

So mad at myself that I yelled at my little boys.  Feel overwhelmed most of the time to the point that I don't attempt to get anything done because I know it will not get finished.  No closure to anything is killing me.  Went off my meds cold turkey (yes, I know better) just to feel like I may have some control over SOMETHING.  I am lost. My laundry is going to eat me alive.

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by lwilburn, Feb 19, 2010
I'm so sorry that you feel so overwhelmed and stressed out.  I don't know your situation completely but I DO FOR sure know what you are talking about.  Your kids will forgive us as you should forgive yourself.  You are only human! I agree about the laundry...I hate it more than anything!!  it has GOT to be the biggest pain the Butt ever! Although I am majorly broke, about once every month or so, I bag it up in garbage bags and take it to my local laundry mat and drop it off for them to do.  It's actually REALLY cheap!  They provide the detergent etc. I can take like 10 loads and it costs like 30 bucks tip and all!!  soooo worth it!!!  

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by figuringitout4myself, Feb 20, 2010
Hi!  Thanks so much for the comment!  Sure makes me feel better not to be alone. :)   Good idea about the laundry. Been so down in the dumps lately and staring at laundry sure doesn't help.

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