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enoscopic sinus surgery, deviated septum

Dec 15, 2007 - 69 comments



deviated septum



Having sinus problem most of my life, it’s the last few years that have been the worse. I’m a 28 year old male with acute sinusitis and a deviated septum and my sinus cavities are packed with polyps.  When I was younger I had an allergy test done, and I was allergic to a few things, 20 years later, same test I was so allergic to everything they put on me that they had to stop because I swelled up so much.

I don’t understand how that could happen that I could be so allergic to so many things in a few years. So the more allergies I contracted the worse my sinus infections became and so on.

A few years ago I was scheduled to have surgery; I didn’t like the doctor, well his attitude anyway. And I didn’t have a feeling of trust towards him so I cancelled.  Headaches got worse, breathing through my nose next to impossible; I have no sense of smell or taste even talking was hard as I mumbled now a sleeping was little to none.

Back again set up another surgery..  Chickened out. I did this 2 times, till finally a new doctor came to town.  I went to see him he order a CTscan and when he got the results we sat down and talked about them. He said it was the worst case of polyps he has ever seen, no wonder I was having so much pain.
So once again I scheduled a surgery.

The surgery is in 2 days and the last 2 days I have done no but read on the internet about the surgery and reading of other people that have had it done. Let me tell u I haven’t read one positive thing yet. Mostly what I read is people saying that if they knew the pain was going be that bad they would not have gotten it done, or the feel worse now, but for the majority of it was about the pain and a common thing I read was, if ur thinking about getting this surgery done DONT.

So now I am so scared to have it done I might cancel.      

Dec. 13th, 2007 is the date of the surgery

Today is the 11th. I have been taking prednisone for the last few days, I guess that’s to help with swelling and bleeding but I’m not real sure.  I take 10 pills a day (50mg) and I find they make me very moody, tired and make me want to pee.

Dec. `12th, since I’m going to be bed ridden for a few days you’d think that I would be out doing something, but nope, I’m on the computer watching videos and reading blogs on sinus surgery and septoplasty, geesh. This is making everything worse I can tell, I’m scaring myself out of doing it.

I had to call the surgical booking to see what time my surgery is, and it is 10:00 a.m. tomorrow yikes.

8:00 p.m. the night before, my stomach has been upset and I been cranky all day from reading about other people’s pain.  Few more hours and I will find out if it’s as bad as they say.

Dec 13th, In my eyes, it’s just a small procedure but I have a hard time putting trust into someone I don’t know that’s going to be working that close to my eyes and brain.  

10:00 a.m. arrive at hospital, got admitted and sent me to surgical unit to sit in bed and wait, and guess what happens, I’m there for like 45 minutes listening to everyone moan and groan that had surgery, and a guy beside who had just his sinus done yesterday was back because of excess bleeding and he was choking on it.  Yea that made me feel good.

11:00 Clumsy nurse came over and picked at me with needles,  **** she was rough 11:37 wheeled into O.R. eyes rolled back and that all I remember till  they wheeled me out about 2:10 p.m.

Waking up from the anesthetic was horrible not knowing what they did and I was shaking like crazy, didn’t help when I looked down and seen all the blood on my pillow. It took m a good hour or more to come to; thank god I didn’t throw up.

4:00 p.m. Pain set in, I know everyone handles operations differently, some say this operation is mildly uncomfortable, I say **** no, it’s painful. Once the doctor got in there he said that I was extremely packed with polyps in every cavity and my septum was very crooked. So I’m guess the pain I’m feeling is a mixture of a lot of tissues removed and a broken nose probably doesn’t help. I can’t even open my eyes, I’m so puffy and it hurts way too much to look at anything. Right now since I’m on meds I’d say the pain was similar to someone smacking you in the head with a hammer and getting kicked in the face.

5:00 p.m. A few instructions and some medication, I’m sent home. There is gauze under my nose to catch some of the blood and oozing from my stitches.

6:30 p.m. ouch I’m in so much pain I can’t talk, my throat is sore from the breathing tube, my eyes and face are swollen, my jaw and teeth felt like I got wisdom teeth pulled, all I can do is groan.

For the next 16 hours or so I got no sleep, way too much pain, I was taking 2 Tylenol 3’s, every 3 - 4 hours, they didn’t do much more then numb the pain a small amount. For some reason I was peeing a lot, every 30 min or so, but I was also drinking a lot of water as I didn’t want to be dehydrated. Popsicles became my friend, nice and cold and I couldn’t open my mouth any bigger then that,

Had to change the gauge under my nose a lot and the blood in my nostrils was clotting, it was very gross looking, every time the gauge came off inches of blood and I’m guess it’s the dissolvable packing came with it,  but it felt good cause it was blocking my breathing.  They told me not to do that but, I just cleared the very end of my nose, not right inside where the splints r, just the very tip of the nostril, and I find it helped and it didn’t make it bleed any worse.

Now it was drying and becoming crusty through the night and that was adding to the pain, I have 2 vaporizes in my bedroom, but that wasn’t helping and I knew I couldn’t pick the hardened stuff, due to bleeding and pain. So what I did  was I was helped to my bathroom, shut the door, turn on the shower, hot water and let it run for 20 min,   make a sauna and breath that in,  wow, that felt good, not only was it loosening up the hard stuff,  but it relieved a lot of pain.   I did this probably 5 more times through the night since I couldn’t sleep.

This whole time I had to be “escorted” I was so weak and I couldn’t open my eyes. The pain now for me was like, smashing ur face off a steering wheel, having all your wisdom teeth pulled, having the **** kicked out of you and having a sinus headache from hell.  . And all of this in one night. I was by the toilet alot too as the Tylenol 3 were making me sick

All day Friday, Dec 14th, one day after surgery, nothing changed, same pains, same sitting in the steam, same cant open eyes, peeing a lot..

Friday night same as before, very little sleep, I wake up every 20 min or so, because I can’t breathe through my nose and my mouth get’s very very dry, so every time I wake up I have a Popsicle, man those Popsicles feel so good. a lot of pain, eyes r still swollen and too sore to look around.  Just heating pads and ice packs and drugs

Saturday Morning, A lot better, I can watch a little tv, but wearing glass’s does put pressure on my nose, I’m still very weak and sore, but its somewhat bearable.  It’s now just the worse sinus headache u can imagine. You know the ones that make lit rooms hurt the eyes, make ur teeth ache (mine are big time), just 10 times worse.

Saturday afternoon, (while I am writing this)  As long as I am in bed not moving,  I don’t feel too bad, its when I get up,  when the pain starts and when it starts  it hurts. Food is still hard to chew as my teeth r very sore and I can’t open my mouth very wide.
5:20p.m. Saturday facial pain is unbearable, gone back to bed...

6:20 p.m. took 2 Tylenol 3's and for the first time, there working, i dont know why  but, im right out to lunch pain free,  finially

Sunday - tuesday  mild discomfort, but if i get up and do daily chores  its too much, get bad headache and have to take pills and lie down.  still cant laugh, hurts to much ad i finally sneeze, been holding that back for days,  but that didnt hurt at all.,

Wednesday - have infection in one sinus and the other started bleeding again, headaches r back full force,   i guess im pushing it to hard, even though im not out in the cold... tried my sinus rinse, i got a bad blockage, wouldn't budge just caused bad pressure and now--- back to bed with ice pack.

Thursday. cant breathe major sinus pressure,other then the small trickle of blood that wont stop in my right nostril time for a sinus rinse again, this time i applied more pressure and the water started to trickle from my other nostril.. then to my surprise, blood clot city.. as big as my finger, bout 5 of them.. felt so good, tried other side, and some mucus came out then more blood clots,  i can breath a little,,  but the pressure is gone, nose bleeding more now, but i feel better. just taped dressing under nose. stitches r itchy and my nose is still sore  to touch, these darn tubes gotta go.

Friday morning woke up, dry mouth and throat, from mouth breathing as my nose is blocked again.
4:00 am in bathroom doing nasal rinse to help me breathe..   the infected side, gave my mucus/blood mix.. not much these powerful antibiotics r working fast, the bloody nostril, gave me the mother of all clots,  it feels so good pulling those out, this one was thicker then pencil and as long as one.  so far both sides r clear and no bleeding.

so been 8 days, headaches still there,  only if ur up and about, nose bleeds , so on, but getting better.  i am going back to work tonight  which i don't feel im ready yet, but i wanna keep my job. monday i get my tubes out

so there you have it, that was my personal experience, everyone handles it different, but i felt it was terrible, and so far i cant tell u if it was worth it, since i have these tubes in supporting my septum. when they come out i will post again.    
Too  put a funny twist on this,  I am a correctional officer, so i work in a jail, my gf took video of me coming out of the anesthetic ,  lol  and at the end of the video, im groaning in pain and my eyes r shut..  and i said,..  " i hope he comes to jail sometime,  I'm going pepper spray the f***er  lol

December 24th 11:15 a.m.
i went and had my splints out this morning,  piece of cake, didnt hurt at all, and i could not get over the size of the darn things there huge,  and what a relief,  first time in years I can breathe,  i fel so good now,   my headaches and pressure were gone immediately after he pulled those out.  so  keep my fingers crossed and hope my polyops wont come back. keep writing me and keep me up to date,  i will write more after when i have time.    i can breathe now  so im going for a walk lol  going to enjoy life now.

Jan 9th, 2008
still have a sore nose and have nose bleeds,  i have a check up in a week.  breathing is good,  but i still get filled up and need to do 3-6 nasel rinse's a day,  but no headaches,  

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242516 tn?1368227505
by Enoch Choi, MDBlank, Dec 19, 2007
this is such a great blow-by-blow, thanks for posting it!

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by ch/gh, Dec 20, 2007
Oh my goodness!!! that is scary to read and i am having septoplasty,turboplasty and a possible endoscopic sinus surgery now you got me scared    yikes!   today is the 20th are you glad you did it yet? i hope enoch,choi MD reads this again if he can answer my question if you dont mind names r taken    i was wondering i believe my turbs are swelling because i think i still have infection in my nose from my adenoid surgery in aug 06  so if the surgeon cuts my turbs because they are swelling because of my deviated septum then they hopefully get rid of the infection then will i get  empty nose syndrome  i know you will get that if the surgeon cuts too much turbinate out  but will you get empty nose if they cut my turbs because they think its because of my deviated septum  i know i am not a doctor but if the swelling is coming from the infection then maybe i dont need the turbs cut   i hope the point im trying to make makes sense.   i would like to know more about how you are feeling keep us posted...   if interested i tell you my horrible adenoid operation story..... p.s   i dont sleep either!    take care.

Avatar universal
by ch/gh, Dec 21, 2007
You said tubes are coming out do you mean the splints in your nose they told me they are taking the splints out in 3 days for me. if interested i will tell you my adenoid story. did they cut your turbinates?

Avatar universal
by names_r_all_taken, Dec 21, 2007
yes the splints r coming out, if of course the bleeding stops,  which i think i have under control now,  went bacl to work today,  definitly wasnt ready for tha  my head is pounding,  i had to leave my splints in for 10 days  as far as i know i didntr get me turbinates cut,  i'll let u know more monday,  yes i want to hear ur story,  where do u live

Avatar universal
by ch/gh, Dec 22, 2007
I live in Pennsylvania --  My adenoid story well for the longest time i would bring up the greenish hardish smelly stuff and i went to several doctors who gave me several nose sprays, some said i had gerd note this came from my sinus area because i had to snort to try to get this stuff out of me and also note i cant count on one hand how many times in my life i have had heart burn i dont eat spicy stuff never had a problem in this field but i went along and took the antiacid medicines and of course nothing worked---then finally after years of different doctors this one doctor said  i had a staph infection on my adenoids so he put me on strong levaquin 750mg for 3 weeks and eventually after stopping the antibiotic the greenish stuff would come back and this doctor that was finally on to something decided that taking my adenoids out woulnt make a difference pretty much sending me on my way to yet another doctor and went to him briefly he was no help  then i go to another doctor another year later so in aug o6 he suggested to remove only my adenoids no throat problems so i still have my tonsils plus i am in my mid 30's so took adenoids out  well when i came to from surgery the back of my head hurt so bad i couldnt even lift it and i was very very dizzy and i was throwing up i was in recovery for 6 hours for an adenoid surgery.  then home for weeks and weeks i did not sleep my head was killing me then about a week after surgery i starting throwing up this black stuff and there was a horrible odor from my nose so bad on my way to the appt in the car my husband had to roll down the windows because the smell from my nose was so bad so i had surgery and there was all this yellow stuff also bringing up and it was thick i was actually worse then before the surgery and then 2 weeks after the surgery i was trying to bring up this infection stuff and blood starting pouring out of my nose and mouth went to the emergency room they gave me a stronger antibiotic went back to the ent and when they stuck the scope thing up my nose there was a camera screen and my husband saw all this black stuff in the adenoid area and the doctor commented that it was worse then he thought but didnt put me on a stronger antibiotic so then i suffered another month and when i went back again he said he needed to cut a piece of granulated tissue out that didnt heal  oh i forgot the visit before that one a different doctor saw me and they were using the suction thing to get some dangling stuff out of my nose then a week or so after the granulated tissue was cut out i started having trouble breathing out of the left side of my nose so several and months later after he seemed like this not breathing thing was all in my head and i note he had no bedside manner at all  did not care to pursue why i couldnt breathe very very congested in the spring of 07 i went to a different doctor which i think is great but i didnt have my surgeries yet either my fear is having empty nose syndrome.  have a nice holiday  heel well.  

Avatar universal
by names_r_all_taken, Dec 24, 2007
Penn.  i use to go to Carilse alot for car shows,  i liked it.. well ur problems do not sound very nice, at all.   but i can tell u i went and had my splints out this morning,  piece of cake, didnt hurt at all, and i could not get over the size of the darn things there huge,  and what a relief,  first time in years I can breathe,  i fel so good now,   my headaches and pressure were gone immediately after he pulled those out.  so  keep my fingers crossed and hope my polyops wont come back. keep writing me and keep me up to date,  i will write more after when i have time.    i can breathe now  so im going for a walk lol  going to enjoy life now.

Avatar universal
by Ellie32, Jan 27, 2008
Im 17 and i had to get this surgery on December 20 and i was just curious, why can't you go tanning after you have had this surgery?

Avatar universal
by names_r_all_taken, Feb 12, 2008
tanning??   dunno never heard of that before,  they just told me not to go on a plane

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by rinio, Feb 14, 2008
had surgery done on monday 10/2/08 found it very sore but good thing was they kept me hospital for2 days after so got lots of drugs for pain the hardest part is is trying to breath after as your nose is blocked could anyone tell me is it sore getting splints out

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by tiffyb, Apr 30, 2008
I had endoscopic sinus surgery on April 22nd.  It has now been a week and I still feel awful.  I still have sinus pressure and to the point that my teeth hurt.  I had tubes put in as well and they really hurt.  I have splints in my  nose but am not having them taken out.  Has anyone experienced this?  I go back for my post-op appointment next Monday and of course the doc will use the scope to check my progress but does the pain stop?!  Anyone have any advise?

Avatar universal
by ch/gh, May 18, 2008
tiffyb,  sorry to hear of your pain i havent been on here forever. i never heard of them leaving splints in permantly?? are you feeling any better yet?  

Avatar universal
by Luv2camp, May 30, 2008

I had surgery on 4/18/08 and I, too, have splints.  One came out during the endless amount of nasal rinses but one is still there.  According to my doc, it will dissolve.  Unfortunately, I'll have to have surgery again on the side that the splint came out because the tissue has grown together already.  It's been almost 6 weeks and my nose is still tender but I finally am starting to feel better.

583747 tn?1218430740
by IlovemydogTeague, Aug 08, 2008
OK you guys, you are scaring the hell out of me.
I am scheduled to have endoscopic surgery on 8/27/08. My turbinates are enlarged, I have a perforated and deviated septum, and narrowing of my maxillary sinuses. I also get killer sinus headaches where I end up vomiting or so nauseated I wish I would, lights kill me eyes, my ears feel like they are going to explode from pressure, and it just literally hurts to think.
I suffer with chronic pain from a damaged nerve in my left side as well as Fibromyalgia and chronic back pain. I have been on just about every narcotic you can think of for the past five years. Right now, I am on Morphine Sulfate and the ENT was concerned about controlling my post op pain becasue of this. She has elected to give me 30 mg of Morphine every four hours as needed. She also told me she would use self absorbing packing. When I told my mother about possibly having the surgery, she was adamantly against it. She told me that she had heard this was just about the worst surgery you could ever go through. I read on several web sites the modern advances have made the surgery a lot more tolerable but I am still very reluctant. I talked with my pain specialist today after an epidural he gave me about sinus surgery since he is an anesthesiologist. He told me of course everyone is different and if it would help, wouldn't a week or so of pain be worth it.
If anyone can offer advice, please do.
Shaking in my boots!

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by niknak2008, Aug 14, 2008
I just had surgery this past Monday on 8-11-08 and the doc took out the splints before I left the hospital.  I have suffered from many sinus infections over the years and on top of that my allergies only got worse.  The ENT told me my deviated septum was the main cause of my problems with my allergies.  I was always having constant sinus pressure and on weekly allergy injections.  Apparently because of the deviated septum I was not breathing right and my allergies are so bad to where it would cause me to have the sinus pressure always.  My sinuses were basically not draining well.  So I decided I wanted to have the surgery done cuz enough of this suffering.  
Surgery day went good..although i was very scared as i have never had any type of surgery and I am 29.  I woke up afterwards and was coughing alot due to the breathing tube..they just kept giving me juice. then they took the packing out which was very uncomfortable but not too bad..I was sent home with gauze to catch the drainage and on vicodin and antibiotics.  Mind you I have never taken vicodin before but its my best friend right now.  Trying to sleep upright is very uncomfortable and also having to breath only thru my mouth. The first day the gauze had to be replaced like every hour because of the blood drainage but pain was ok.  Tuesday things were going good until some friends came to see me and I couldnt sit around them because them just talking was hurting me.  Wednesday was my follow up...PAINFULLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!   So the doc calls me in and I go in the room...he then takes some pressured cleaners..cant remember what they look like since i didnt have my glasses on and i cant see very well without them...anyways he was just spraying in my nose with pressure and cleaning it out......i was in total pain.......had tears down my me that was more painful than the day of surgery.........he then looks in my nose and says im still inflammed but everything looks good and i have to see him in a week..  he goes now u can breath thru ur nose....just not blow it and still wear a i get home and i have so much sinus pressure i wanted to cry but of course i cant cuz that would only cause my nose to get more clogged up......i dont feel like eating since my teeth hurt still...i know i made the right choice on having this done and i had heard recovery is not fun and i agree its not fun........i was hoping i would go back to work monday but i dont think thats gonna happen.........ill see how it goes at the doc next wednesday........
and i dont know how people go thru with cosmetic surgeries especially in the face..........gosh this is enough for me........i just want to feel getting bored at home

Avatar universal
by niknak2008, Aug 14, 2008
Oh by the way I had a friend who had it done and he said he vomited when he got home becuz of the i made sure the nurse gave me some acid reflux meds beforehand cuz i do suffer from it and as worse as u feel after surgery u dont want to vomit also.........just a lil info

675923 tn?1296241611
by elwoodsf, Nov 08, 2008
Thank you for your blow by blow description of your surgery. I had this surgery 15 years ago due to reoccuring sinus infections and it worked! Now, I am having the surgery again because I am have no drainage from my sinus' which is causing me severe headaches. I have missed seven days of work in two months, living on pain medication. I have been putting this off for five months now - this surgery is not pleasant. My CT scans show that I have a bone that has broken off and is lodged into my septum and the bone on the other side is up against the other side of my septum which is causing all the pressure. I also have a "growth" in my right upper sinus cavitiy that needs to come out. My doctor plans on going into every sinus cavity. When I was reading your story I was kicking my feet and groaning. My hubby told me to stop reading. My comment - I already know how the story goes. I forgot about the popcicles so I'm adding another food to my list. Jello, soup, baked potato's, milk, pudding, and, thank you for reminding me about the water - lots of water. Also, rinsing out the sinus' help the healing. I cannot take any anti inflamatory drugs so ice is my friend too. I do have anti nausea drugs for the pain meds. Thank you again.

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by eternity4me, Nov 11, 2008
I had endo sinus, turb, and septo surgery October 2008. I stayed the night at the hospital. The pain was like a severe sinus infection, I felt tired and weak for the next three weeks. My nose is still tender and mucus is still blood tinged but I went back to work this past Monday. The worst part was the cleaning of the crust with the sucking thing. I had two post op visits at 1 and 2 weeks then was told I did not need to come back.  It has been three and a half weeks and like I said earlier my nose is still tender on the outside and inside and I still have a lot of blood tinged mucus.

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by names_r_all_taken, Nov 12, 2008
Well  i am the orignal posting here, and its closing up to a year since my surgery, anothe rmonth and let me tell u,  i have sinus pain, im always stuffy, still need to do many sinus rins's a day and take sinus pills and i could barley smell before  but now my taste and smell is now $%100 percent gone.  i dont know if the surgery was worth it yet  i thought after a few months id feel better and think wow that week of paoin was worth it,  nope  still dont think that way.  Now im so fed up with not being able to taste or smell,   i want to find a doctor that can give me back my smell and taste  any one know of someone

Avatar universal
by Butters50, Nov 21, 2008
by Butters in Toledo, Nov 21,2008 7:00AM  I just had maxillary polyps removed and diviated septum fixed.  This was yesterday afternoon so I haven't hit the 24 hr mark yet.  On the usual vicodin and amoxicillin regimen.  My pain has been tolerable on half the recommended vicodin dose.  Bleeding is only minor with bandage change every 4 hrs or so.  I guess I'm lucky compared to other posts.  I guess I decided to do this because I was sick and tired of blowing 10 pounds of snot out my nose every day.  I suspect its my 30 yrs of smoking thats caused this as my allergy tests were inconclucive.  Thanks to previous posts to give me heads up for things to watch out for.  Couldn't believe my Boss actually asked me to delay surgery 2 days before appointment!  Just so I could work the day after Thanksgiving Rush.  Good Luck to everyone.

Avatar universal
by missy1958, Dec 26, 2008
My 16 year old son had a similar surgery on 12/22/08 and although many of the above horrific post surgery symptoms were mentioned as possibilities, he has done very well.  Throat is still a little sore from breathing tube, but as soon as the huge packing came out 2 1/2 days later, he immediately felt a lot better.  His upper teeth are sore and he's still a little congested (has not felt the ease of breathing yet  - that will come soon I hope).  What I most want to say to people is don't be scared.  It may go a lot better than you think!

Avatar universal
by names_r_all_taken, Dec 27, 2008
well as i posted above its been a year and well im almost back to square one  so yea be scared all that pain for what, somehting i feel like wil have to be done again in the near future , once again is there a doctor that can give me bak my taste and smell i need to find one

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by Pain_everywhere, Dec 28, 2008
I had surgery for a deviated septum on dec 17 n today is dec 28, n there is crusts inside my nose along the inside where the septum is but im not sure if i shud just wait til they come out or if i should blow em out? and  1 more thing, my upper teeth are still numb n feel cold when i breathe in, and this is causing me the most stress wich also leads to my forehead right above my eyes to go numb n head to feel light. does any1 know anyhting bout that or experienced cold teeth? im too scared to blow my nose even tho its been 11 days and my teeth never stop hurting. i cant take this pain anymore.

Avatar universal
by names_r_all_taken, Dec 29, 2008
oh  yes the pain,  i never hade the cold teeth  i just had the throbbing in my whole face as far as the crust goes, just keep it moist it will be more comfortable dont blow, is it just in one nostril, u could moisttiin it and use a q-tip to gently try and remove it or i used  neilmed nasal rinses to keep my nostrils moist

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by 09bauec, Jan 06, 2009
Well, I got the whole shabang folks. AND MY DEVIATED SEPTUM IS BACK!
Its been a week today.
I feel fine not great but just fine.
Ya, it wasn't fun, but ya know.....I actually threw up and everything.

What I am mad and haven't seen anyone write this in yet...although I kinda scanned over everybody's,but
I stuck my finger in there and my septum is back to where it was - this is a week after the surgery folks.
I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow. When I went in there Friday he said everything looks good, septum stayed where we put it.  Well thats great, I got to breathe out of it a whole day right before it got crusted up....I guess air costs a lot now folks.

HAS ANYONE ELSE'S DEVIATED SEPTUM COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      WHAT DID YOU DO!!!  Please tell me I'll go see the doctor and he'll say it is just inflammed! I Doubt it.

Avatar universal
by Renee69, Feb 01, 2009
I've had lifelong trouble with sinus infections and allergies. I had endoscopic sinus surgery, turbinate reduction, and my deviated septum straightened the day after Christmas. I am still sore, but am doing Neilmed rinses twice a day. The ENT still sees an infection. He thinks I have a staph infection and took a culture. We are waiting for the results. My experience with the procedure was decent. I took pain meds for about 7 days. I had bleeding, and changed gauze under my nose for about 5 days. My nose crusted up and then it became hard to breathe which made me panicky at night. I talked to the ENT, and I was allowed to take a decongestant, which made all the difference at night especially. They had me sleep in a recliner for a week to help prevent additional swelling. I see the ENT every 2 weeks for follow-ups and to treat the infection that I am still dealing with. I am breathing so much better than before. Even though I am still healing, I'm glad I did this and I think it will be a positive thing in my management of sinus and allergy problems. The worst part for me was when the splints came out, but that pain only lasted a short time. I've had 2 c-sections, and while that is much different from sinus surgery, I think if you've been through other surgeries it prepares you a little for the pain, limitations and the healing you will go through.

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by eddie83, Mar 07, 2009
today sunday 3:25 am . i hade my surgery on monday. I cant sleep still , masive pressure in my head n nose.
Blood on , : yes. but mixed with dissolvable packing. im not shore really , but melbourne hospital recomends me to leave it, not to wash inside in any way. but found my sons (i call snot machine), well its kind off a rubber sqweez thing that u
put in there nose to suck out there mucose. boilling water first, then use your self.  in takes a bit pressure away. i hade to buy my son a new one.

    its not that bad, its more uncomftable, i belive i will benefit alot from it. no regrets.
   scared ******** before thou. goo luck...  

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by noseyp, Apr 13, 2009
i had my septum straightned and right maxillery clearance done on 27th march 09 and ive only just started to feel more myself. i was told by the surgeon that i,d feel rough for a couple of weeks and boy was he right although i didnt realise how rough i would feel,i felt sooooooo poorly for about 12 days then slowly but surely started to feel abit better,the only thing im having probs with is sleeping really, im sleeping on the settee propped up with cushions,pillows etc as i cant lie dwn cos the pressure hits my head if i do but even then im still waking up with headaches and not sleeping properly.i can manage approx 4hrs then i wake up and just dose on and off for another 4hrs or so and need painkillers to shift headache.
i was told to take 2 weeks off work so really i should be back to work this week but im not ready yet,still very tired etc but thats mainly due to lack of sleep.its only been the last 4 days that ive felt better in myself and my husband took me out for a drive in the car on saturday,first time out since operation. my nose is still sore and im still douching my nose 3/4 times a day which i find brings some relief. i hope i never have to have this op again an if i ever do i hope they put me into an induced coma for a couple of wks afterwards cos that recovery time is horrible and very uncomfortable. on a positive note though i can breath through both nostrils,they take it in turns to feel blocked etc but thats to be expected for 6 weeks or so,so im told, i,ll be glad when the disolvable packing and stitches have gone though cos i think thats why ive felt so ****. good luck to anyone having this operation,its not pleasant and recovery is horrible for first couple of weeks but keep telling yourself its only a couple of weeks then you,ll start feeling hoping that after another couple of weeks i,ll feel near enough 100%..................... any questions feel free to ask and i,ll answer best i can...

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by yachty, May 12, 2009
Hi everyone,
I had a septoplasty and correction of the conches ( that funny shell like bone at the side of your nose) 5 weeks ago and my sinuses and the bridge of my nose are still swollen, is that normal?
The tip is also still a bit swollen. I had the operation because I suffered for years from sinusitis and allergic rhinitis and even got asthma this winter. I think the crunch came and I finally made the decision to have the op when I was flying to London and was in absolute agony when we were landing. I felt like someone was shooting electric shots into the side of my head.
The pressure caused excruciating pain, so flying was a big problem and I travel a lot for work.
The operation was performed in a private hospital in Athens by a very reputable doctor ( I live in Greece, but am British) and yes, I didn't expect so much pain. Basically I thought I would be out for coffee with my friends 3 days .. not the case ! I think it must be partly my age ( I am 50 yrs old) or because my case was particularly bad, but I thought the op was very very uncomfortable.
I am glad I did it. My nose looks much better, smaller and straighter and I can breathe really well but I have had allergic rhinitis twice since the op and still have a post nasal drip.Is that normal??
I was very careful about cleaning and rinsing my nose and started blowing it 10 days after the operation. I went back for cleaning three times also.
I would advise anyone who has it done to insist on staying overnight, in Greece we stay up to three days in the hospital . Nurses change the nose drip pad and shoot painkillers intravenously. You can't take painkillers on an empty stomach and you can't eat easily after it's done.
You also need help at home for a few days, and remember not to have anything hot... only cold food and drinks. Shower and wash your hair with tepid water and insist on getting at least 2 weeks off work !!!
I bled three weeks after because I started work and was lifting and bending a lot and got very tired, it's just not worth it.
My stitches dissolved , but be really careful when you eventually blow your nose  you don't want to burst one !
Good luck to everyone and speedy recovery !!

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by yachty, May 12, 2009
Forgot to tell you to insist that the doctor gives you antibiotics when you leave and take the whole box ! This will stop any infections etc,,,and don't get upset ( like I did ) when you look in the mirror and freak because your face, lips and eyes are so swollen the day after ,it does go down each day ! Also buy a chapstick for your lips because they get really really dry and sore.

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by margie689, May 24, 2009
I had this surgery done  on May 6, 2009 for a my Deviated Septum and My turbinates are enlarged. I was scared and had put off going to the ENT . but I finally decided to go regardless of what  I read and had been told by people.After the surgery I had to be taken to the ER twice with a anxiety panic attacks i would get that every night not being able to breath and take so much medications heavy meds.all i could do is drink water since my mouth and throat was so dry i kept water bottles by my bed. ice cream . as well as chap stick my lips where splints had to be removed 2 days early due to the panic attacks.and after all of this i still had been getting these attacks due to i feel like im going to stop breathing in my sleep.its very scary but we people with out knowing it can make things worse for our selfs and it hurts us in the healingi felt so relive when i had the splints removed. but if i have to be honest and i knew what i was and still am going thru i would not had gone thru with this..i still have problems as far as dryness and its still sore inside and blow my nose and stuff be comming out along with blood ..i hope this with time just gets better but i look inside my nose and see something like swollen inside my left nostril only we shall see I have to return to see the Doctor on June 3,2009 I dont want to scare any one I just feel like each of us have to do our home work here and find out if we still want to go thru this knowing the risk after the surgery.. I wish every one well

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by tones1979, Sep 09, 2009

It has been 2 and a half weeks since i have had sinus surgery, deviated sepum fixed, turbinates fixed and a cysts that took up the whole cavity in the side of my maxillary sinus. I am feeling alot better now but am just incredibly fatigued and have the chills alot....was anyone else really tired about this time after surgery.


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by cathclem02, Sep 17, 2009
I had my surgery aug 20, 2009 i was scared reading all these post but it was much better then i thought don't let anyone
scare you like i was.  The day of surgery i was really tired just slept most of the time but my throat hurt really bad thats the biggest complain top me of this surgery a sore throat i drank alot of water to moisten it , it did help  the 2nd day was swollen and sore but not so horrible i had my splints out in 3 days it didn't hurt just felt weird, now i feel wonderful i only had 2 maybe 3 bad days thats it, so its not as bad as everyone says, i hate the deviated deptum surgery and thining of turninates .

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by cathclem02, Sep 17, 2009
ops i mean i had the deviated deptum surgery my typing not good

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by steltz, Sep 21, 2009
Hi all,
I am a post-op that had surgery on Thursday, the 10th of September. It is now the 21st, so it has been a week and a half. Basically what I had done was a left-side septal deviation correction (only my left side was a problem, right was fine) and complete sinus blockage of the maxillary, sphenoid and ethmoid and my frontal sinuses were about half blocked. I went to a very good doc (someone who is on the best of NY doctors) and I am extremely happy only a week and a half out. I would say my overall breathing is at 75% and it was nowhere like this for many years now.

The first day of the surgery I was ok but uncomfortable. I had packing in my nose (no splints), which were about the size of fat medium sized adult male fingers. I would call it fairly uncomfortable when they came out but not painful. The Doc took them out Friday morning, the day after the surgery. I even took public transportation to the appointment (a bus and a subway) so I was in pretty ok shape. I was taking 1-2 codeines every 3-6 hours. It kind of just depended on how I was feeling. The day the packing came out was probably one of the worst days as it brought all different types of discomfort. I definitely wanted to take it easy and went back to work on Tuesday, the 15th. I've definitely been uncomfortable and week but surviving. I would say a big thing is too keep the nose irrigated and get as much **** at as you can. I went to the doctor on Thursday and he suctioned out my sinuses in his office. He was able to fully suction my left but was not able to complete my right. I would sneeze just too much and I even sneezzed while his suctioning instruments were in my nose (I have no idea how nothing was perferoarted but I was fine.....).

I would definitely say do tons of research on doctors, but if you are uncomfortable in life as most of you are then this surgery is ltimately worth on the scal of cost vs benefits. Happy Breathing :) !!!

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by joe997, Oct 14, 2009
hey i just had the surgery done on the 9th today is the 14th and i cannot berath at all still.. but not a problem i understand it is still early.. but my question to you is was the outside of your nose swollen? because mine is... not the bridge but the tip and around the nostrils? I am concernced that this is not swelling and a change of look in my nose due to the surgery ? maybe you can help?

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by names_r_all_taken, Oct 16, 2009
Well its been a couple weeks since my second sinus surgery in 9 months and this one was even worse more painfull.  I have another checkup monday. the only good this was no splints or packing but even though its been a couple weeks im having headaches and still pulling out alot of very big blood clots, i hate to say this but the surgery is not worth it bu yet ill keep getting it done becasue i can breath and smell for a few months,    to some u only have the surgery once but for others like myself he polyops grow back so fast u have to keep going back. I was in the hospital for 10 days with a migrain. i have never had one before and it was caused by the pressure in my sinus cavity... thats what i was told, so im hoping i dont have to have surgery 2 times a year for the rest of my lifee casue to some its a mild discomfort a slight headach but to me its very very painful and just as the pain goes away i only have a few month before i feel it all over again.  its very discouraging and depressing.

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by kanela555, Oct 21, 2009
Hello, i just had Endoscopic Sinus Surgery on the 16th because I had sinus disease and mucosal thickening in my sinus cavities that would not respond to medications and would not drain because of blockage from inflammation in my sinuses. Today is the 21. After the surgery I felt okay as long as I took my pain meds, but ever since I had the packing removed on the 19th I have been experiencing horrible facial pressure and headaches. I had the packing removed in my right nostril on monday and when the doctor pulled out the extra large tampon from my nose (which was brutally painful) blood gushed out everywhere. It came out my nose and down the back of my throat. It came so fast I was choking on the blood coming down the back of my throat. After a couple of minutes it lightened up and completely stopped after about 5 minutes. Because of that my doc decided I needed more time and didn't want to remove the packing in my left nostril until the next day (the 20th), which was yesterday. He ripped it out and the pain was excruciating.  Minimal bleeding that time though. I do have a lot of blood clots in my nose still and I am always spitting out blood that is slowly draining down the back of my throat. I feel just terrible still. I didn't sleep at all last night because of the bad head and facial pressure and throbbing. I don't understand why I feel worse now that the packing is removed. My doctor is not very empathetic. Every time I tried to tell him how much pain I am in he keeps telling me I'm fine and that I need to calm down and that it's not that bad. He has kind of turned in to a big jerk after the surgery. If it wasn't that bad then why would I bother telling him how poorly I am feeling? He says it's just me and that he's been doing this for over 20 years and that no other patient of his has ever complained of having a lot of pain post op or of packing being removed hurting that bad. I just don't understand it. I am having a lot of anxiety now because I am having a lot of facial and head pressure and headaches still. Is it just me or has anyone else had this?

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by pinklady666, Nov 03, 2009
I had my surgery two weeks ago - septoplasty, reduction of turbinates and sinus wash.  I feel absolutely dreadful.  Headache and pressure unbelievable.  Had to go to emergency department on Sunday as I felt so ill.  I have no energy, keep getting awful hot sweats and am regretting having the procedure carried out.  I was told I bled a lot during surgery due to the extensive sinus infection and so not sure if my feeling so ill could have something to do with a low blood count. Had my splints removed last week and sinus's vacuumed.  Immediately felt 100% better but this lasted for about a couple of hours.  Have been given second lot of anitbiotics but not making any difference whatsoever.  Has anyone else similar story?  I am feeling so depressed now as I thought I would be feeling a little better.  Due to go back to work next week but somehow can't see it.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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by pinklady666, Nov 18, 2009
It is now four weeks today since surgery (refer to last post).  Have not had response to my earlier post so guess people only use this site if they are due to undergo surgery or are indeed fully recovered.  I am feeling even worse - have been diagnosed with yet another infection and have never experienced pain like I have at the moment.  Have been unable to return to work(attempted this on Monday but had to come home after two hours).  Went to see GP yesterday who told me he sees on average two patients a month following same procedure who report feeling dreadful post op.  I don't want to scaremonger anyone due to have surgery but  recommmend you seriously consider whether to go ahead.  I would never ever undergo this surgery again as I have never felt this ill in my life.

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by alvw3kids, Dec 18, 2009
Hello everyone,

Just had surgery on Monday the 14th.  It's been really hard dealing with the pain.  Getting the packing out was just horrible.  I almost passed out.  I am really hoping after I recover, it was worth it.  I did have some trouble during surgery.  I had lost of bleeding so the doctor could only do one side.  He tells me afterwards that he might have to do the right side another time.  He said, only time will tell.  I don't know if I can go through this again.  For those people who have not had the surgery, I wish you well.  It is a very hard decision to make.  I know I did not have a choice.  I was very sick and it was making my sleep apnea worse.

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by alvw3kids, Dec 18, 2009
don't let any doctor tell you that the recovery from this surgery is not painful.  It is very painful and getting the packing out is very very painful.

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by Dawn519, Jan 11, 2010
I had the my septum fixed (severly deviated on the right side) and turbinates reduced on 12/23/09 and other then waking up in the recovery room I have not needed any pain medication and I can breath 100% better.  I still get stuffed up but the sinus rinse works great!
I would recommend this surgery.  My husband had me be the guniea pig and he is going to have the surgery this summer.  I did not have packing or anything left in my nose.  My doctor said I was the first person he tried this with and it worked great.  I am grateful it worked out so well.  I had no bruising or pain in my teeth.  I did not even use the ice packs.  
I think it depends on the doctor and your threshold for pain.
Good luck to anyone thinking of this surgery and don't be scared off.

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by Dawn519, Jan 11, 2010
I had my septum fixed (severly deviated on the right side) and turbinates reduced on 12/23/09 and other then waking up in the recovery room I have not needed any pain medication and I can breath 100% better.  I still get stuffed up but the sinus rinse works great!
I would recommend this surgery.  My husband had me be the guniea pig and he is going to have the surgery this summer.  I did not have packing or anything left in my nose.  My doctor said I was the first person he tried this with and it worked great.  I am grateful it worked out so well.  I had no bruising or pain in my teeth.  I did not even use the ice packs.  
I think it depends on the doctor and your threshold for pain.
Good luck to anyone thinking of this surgery and don't be scared off.

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by travar, Jan 17, 2010
I am having deviated septum surgery on 1/26/10 and was scared until I read these posts and now I am terrified!I am not so much worried about the pain, but not being able to breathe through my nose.  In the past I have had panic attacks and I am afraid that not being able to breathe will cause me to panic which will be awful since the way I have learned to control them is relaxing and slowing breathing through my nose.  I tried to explain this to my doctor but (I think he missed the bedside manner class in med school) he said as long as I keep ice on it, I should be able to breathe some and that was the end of that.  He is using splints that will be in for a week rather than packing.  So, my question is for anyone that has had splints were you able to breathe out of  your nose immediately after surgery and if not, how long before you could?

I wish my doctor was more understanding.  

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by Dawn519, Jan 18, 2010
Do not be scared.  I have panic attacks as well.  My doctor was suppose to use splints and after surgery he came into my room and said he decided not to.  So maybe your doctor will make the same call.  You will be fine.  Make sure you have a humidifier for your room.  If you have a reclining chair plan on sleeping there for a few nights.  Trust me it is not that bad and I am glad I did not read any of these posts before hand.  I was able to breath out of my nose within 2-3 days.  I used the simply saline solution in each nostrile every hour, I think this helped a lot in combination with the humidifier.  
Good luck and post on here after you have your surgery.  I was the guniea pig in my family and now my husband and sister in law are getting the surgery in March.  I had no down time.  I was working the next day!  

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by travar, Jan 29, 2010
Hi Dawn,

I had the surgery 3 days ago.  I was able to breathe a little through my nose immediately and that was all I needed to not feel anxious about it.  (I almost jumped off the operating table when they put the mask on me, I began to feel panic coming on but the OR nurse was so nice, she held the mask up from my face and held my hand.  I wish I could remember her name so I could send her a thank you card.  She will never know how much she helped me.)  So breathing was not the big deal I feared.  It was more painful then I realized but the meds knocked me out, so that helped.  I am looking forward to the swelling to go down as I cannot wait to see what it is like to be able to breathe.  And as a bonus, the doctor who told me numerous times that this would not change how my nose looked, told my husband as I was in recovery that he also straightened out my nose.  I was born with a very crooked nose so I am really excited to see what it is like to breathe normal and to see what my new nose looks like.
Thanks for the encouraging words.  I hope your husband and sister in law do as well as you did.  (I think the worse thing I did was read these blogs!!)


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by Jack_Mayoff, Feb 13, 2010
I had the surgery last month for a severely deviated septum which totally obstructed my left side. It has now been about a month post surgery and my right side is almost completely obstucted! I am frustrated. Did this happen to anyone else?

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by deedee404, Feb 14, 2010
Hi ALL!,
I am a 27 year old female who has had septoplasty, rhinoplasty, turbinate reduction, and opening and draining of the maxillary sinuses. DON'T WORRY! You are not alone! Today is February 14th 2010. I had my surgery on April 29th 2009.
I CAN DEFFINATELY BREATH MUCH BETTER. It was a painful surgery, but I knew I had to go through the surgery  to breath better through my nose. I was very nervous and scared, but have trust in your doctor and pray lots for safety and you will be okay. I did go through about 4 months of a staph infection in my left sinus that finally went away with BACTRIM DS. You will be in pain, sore and will need to sleep and hydrate as much as possible through your recovery period. I am now able to breath quietly and clearly out of my nose. ( Not my mouth! NO MORE MOUTH BREATHING!)  YEAH! :) So, I think you should take this time and sit down quietly and pray for safety and guidance on where and who should perform YOUR surgery.
It is worth it! Close your eyes, and ask for some versaid in your IV if you are nervous. It WILL get better everyday and you will probably be very happy with your results! Good Luck and don't be scared, you will be OKAY! :)

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by cantsmellanymore, Mar 31, 2010
To the original poster - you said you after ther first surgery that you lost your sense of smell but in your last post you aid it came back for a few months - how long did it take to come back?  I am 11 days post surgery and I can't smell anything.  I am upset that the surgeon did not warn me that I could lose my sense of smell completely and I question how careful he was to try to preserve it.  He seems very cavalier about the fact that it is gone, as if an afterthought to him.

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by sigh_nuses, Apr 12, 2010
I think so far, I've gotten the lucky end of the stick here.  I had surgery last Tuesday, April 6.  No packing, minimal bleeding, and I have opted for extra strength tylenol for the pain rather than the vicodin they gave me.  I had ballon sinuplasty to enlarge the openings to the frontal sinuses, one polyp removed, partial ethmoidectomy, and I guess basically opening up everything else to help it drain.  I have been looking at CT Scans online and found that my stuff was PACKED with all kinds of disgusting gunk.  My first post-op is tomorrow night, and I'm scared to death to be aware of whatever he is doing in there.  I hated the general anesthesia most of all, and they stuck me once in each hand to get the IV in, but other than that, things have been easy (so it is possible!!!).  I don't feel a whole lot worse than I did the 13 weeks I had sinusitis before the surgery, and if I can breathe through my nose again sometime soon, I will be so happy!  

I can't taste very well yet, and I can't breathe through my nose, so I can't smell anything.  I went back to work today after 6 days and felt the worst I've been the whole time, with congestion that was borderline gurgling deep inside my nose, and a little bleeding.  I'm a music teacher and sang all morning, that may have been part of the problem.  I honestly wondered if he had really done the surgery when I came home with no nose tampons and only bled a tiny bit on the first/second nights.  My doctor has been fantastic though, if you're in NJ and need a recommendation.  

I do have one question though. Is anyone out there a trumpet player?  I am supposed to play a short couple of things at a concert in two more weeks, and I don't know if I'll be able (or allowed) to do it.  Like I said, I had very minimal bleeding or pain, so maybe I'll get lucky.   Sorry to hear about all of your horror stories, but I wanted to let people know that there is a chance with the right circumstances that you CAN get through this without feeling like you're going to die.  

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by toknebe, Apr 30, 2010
Hi cantsmellanymore,
How about your sense of smell right now? Is it back to normal?

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by concernedtrumpetmom, May 31, 2010

I'm curious as to how you are doing now and whether you played at the trumpet concert you mentioned.  My son just had a CT scan that showed a deviated septum, enlarged adenoids, and chronic acute sinusitus.  We are meeting with the ENT tomorrow morning to discuss surgery.  He is a senior in high school  and is planning on attending college this fall (8/10) to study music as a trumpet performance major.  He is worried about how he will be in August (we don't even have the surgery scheduled yet).  Were you allowed to play and how did it feel?  (I'm thinking your concert was approx. 6 weeks after your surgery, right?  He has auditions the last week of August and he is very worried.

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by janehay64, Jun 01, 2010
wow, I thought I was being a big baby...I'm relieved to hear other people have this much pain, I kept reading how you're all better in a week, I sure wasn't.  thank you all for sharing!

I had the septoplasty in combination with a surgery to reconstruct my tear ducts, a two-fer so to speak.  easily the most painful experience I've ever had, including child birth.  probably because it lasted so long.  my experience was very similar to yours, hardly able to talk or eat for the first full week, I didn't go back to work for almost 3 weeks due to pain.  every step I took was jarring my face and causing throbbing pain/headaches.  I only felt ok if I was sitting still.  I am now in my fourth week since surgery and starting to feel normal.  I am not taking tylenol every 4 hours anymore and facial movement doesn't hurt, as long as I don't wrinkle my nose too much.  Still hurts to touch my nose.

sneezing is not so bad pain-wise, but of course it get stuff in your nose that can cause infection.  the best trick I learned through all of this is to SNEEZE THROUGH YOUR MOUTH.  I know it sounds impossible, but you can do it.  just have to kinda close off the nose channel inside the back of your throat and let the pressure go out through your mouth.  gives you a heckuva sore throat, but it's better than a regular sneeze.  I just sneezed normally the first time yesterday, it snuck up on me before I had a chance to send it through my mouth.

the Neti Pot is my new best friend...I started it the day after surgery, probably 5 times a day, now using it twice a day (mornings just after the shower and just before bed at night).  it still helps a lot.  just this morning after using the neti pot, a bunch of sutures came out of my nose.  it looked like fishing line.  it was very weird to me that it took so long to come out, but the doctor told me that it takes a very long time for the inside of the nose to heal.  I still get a little blood once in a while, but that is also slowing down to only every few days.

I never had sinus problems from my dev septum, my main problem was with my tear ducts being gone and the dev septum was in the way, so the doctor cut away the part of the bone that was in the way so the eye surgeon could reconstruct my tear ducts.  all of that surgery was a walk in the park compared to the nose surgery, but with that said, the end result is very worth it.  my tears are working correctly now.  I can only imagine how it feels to have your sinuses not working.

concernedtrumpetmom...I play a clarinet and I have not been able to play 'forcefully'.  I can do quiet playing but if I get too energetic about it and try to play louder it vibrates in my nose.  I have not tried to play anything but woodwinds so far, but I would imagine that the trumpet would be about the gets better every day though, it will be 4 weeks on thursday for me and I think I will be up to speed by 6 weeks and able to play freely in the local community band...if not it should be close...and I am 46 years old so I'm sure a senior in high school will have a faster recovery time than I did...good luck...

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by janehay64, Jun 01, 2010
oh that looks bad...i'm not relieved you all had so much pain, just that I was having a 'normal' experience...

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by karen588, Jun 18, 2010
I've just had the surgery and discovered this site - I as most of the other people on here haven't been given a lot of information so don't know if what I am experiencing is normal?. I had surgery on sat 12, for  a deviated septum and a FESS - I was in surgery for two hours and then they woke but then couldn't stop the bleeding. They called the surgeon back and tried to pack my nose whilst I was awake which didn't work so I was taken back into surgery. As they couldn't stop the bleed they took me back into theatre to re pack my nose and throat. After the surgery I was taken into intensive care and had a tube inserted to help me breathe. 24 hours later they took me back into surgery and took out the packs in my throat after a further 24 hours I was weened off the ventilator and they then took out the nasal packs whilst I was awake a bit at a time over a few hours. This bit was horrible. I have blisters around my mouth and nose from the masks. I'm home now and feeling a little more normal but still have the oozing blood coming from my nose (how long does this go on for after pack removal?). I'm also gagging on blood/blood cots that are building up in my throat as my nose is still trickling, this problem also means I cannot sleep. I go to bed then after about an hour I awake quite abruptly as blood has collected and I feel sick. Apparently only 2% of people bleed out after the surgery, I'm just looking for anyone else to say had the same experience - how long do I wait for this bleeding to stop before being worried.  I also had the horrid pain in my teeth!!. Again I need some reassurance that this is normal as the hospital/doctors have not provided me with any level of reassurance.

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by janehay64, Jun 23, 2010
Hi Karen, I hope you are doing better by now.  I did not have the bleeding problems you had, but what they call 'normal' was several days of trickling, followed by a couple weeks of dripping.  I am in week 7 after surgery and I still have a spot or two of blood every few days and my nose is still sore, but I can scrub my face gently now when I shower.   on day 7 and again on day 12 I had to have a spot cauterized in my nose because it wouldn't stop (not pleasant).  the second time seems to have done the trick.  

My surgeon told me that the nose is one of the places in the body that is hard to stop bleeding because all of the blood vessels are so close to the surface.  My teeth hurt a lot too, for the first week i could hardly chew anything, I lived on ice cream and mashed potatoes.

I don't understand why the doctors don't give us more information.  it seems this would be a lot less traumatic if we knew up front what kind of pain  and bleeding to expect.  when I asked before surgery what to expect all I got was 'You will be pretty beat up for a couple of weeks'.  it would have been great to get real information from him...instead we are left to wonder if the pain and bleeding is normal...should we call the doctor or just suck it up?  I opted to call my doctor every time I had a question, they were more informative with each phone call and I wrote it down each time I called and wrote down his answers since the pain meds made me a little loopy.

I think you should continue to call your doctor frequently to ask if your level of bleeding is normal, eventually they will start giving you information (hopefully).

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by janehay64, Jun 23, 2010
oh yeah, one more thing Karen, try sleeping in a recliner...I could not sleep in bed for almost a week due to drainage...

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by Touchet, Jul 29, 2010
I had sinus surgery as well, and yes it was very painful, but worth it.  I no longer have sinus headaches unless I smoke too much during the day.  I can't say how much worth it long term because I am only 6 months out.  So far it improved my sinus issues, except for one issue.  My front teeth and roof of my mouth are numb almost always.  My sense of smell changed as well.  I was one of those cases where I had a lot of bleeding.  I actually went to the doctor for it after one episode where I soaked two towels worth of blood in an hour period (this was after they took the shunts out).  I had HUGE nose clots that blocked the entire nasal cavity.  I haven't gone back past the post op visits yet.  I am about ready to schedule one though to discuss the weird issues with my teeth and smell.  Also, I don't think my septum is straight.  its pretty obvious my nose is not right (from the inside).

Anyway, a tip for you guys.  Don't get this done unless you talk to your doctor about pain management.  If you are one of those people who KNOW you don't handle pain very well, you MUST talk to the doctor about what he will prescribe to you before hand.  In my case they gave me hydrocodone 5/500.  It was no where near effective enough for the pain.  When I called back for better pain meds, I was refused.  I was taking two pills every 3 hours.  it was horrible.  I eventually went to the emergency room and was lucky enough to see a doctor who had this done before and she KNEW the pain i was in and gave me oxycodone.  it was 10 times more effective than the hydrocodone.

Main thing though is too make sure that the doctor is willing to give you good meds if you need them.  If they say something like, "I am sure the pain medication will be good enough".  Or , "The pain will only last a week or so".  Never go back to that doctor.

Another thing.  Take them seriously when they say rest.  Try not to do anything to elevate your heart rate.  Any type of activity will make you bleed more.

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by eliana11ful, Aug 02, 2010
Sheeeeeesh...have a baby why don't you. That'll amp up your pain tolerance. I'm having my splints removed tomorrow.
People, don't be put off by all this whining. This is my second time around with this surgery, as my son decided to head-but me when he was a toddler, three years after I had septoplasty. This time around it involved sinus polyp removal and turbinate reduction in addition to the septoplasty.
First, have faith in your doctor and anesthesiologist. Know what your pain meds will be and that you tolerate them well before having to take them. Be sure you have loved ones around to help you. Stock plenty of  Ensure, Boost, or Instant Breakfast to provide nutrition until you get your splints out and can comfortably chew. DON'T try to open your mouth wide enough to chew hard. It will pull on your stitches and the splints. Have your bed made up with a wedge and pillows to keep you up at a 30-40 degree angle, and have a good supply of gauze, light medical tape, and Q-tips. Clots, crusting, headaches, blood draining down the throat, yes, they all happen. It's part of the healing process. What did you think, this was going to be something all your friends would WANT to have done once you told them what a party it is? No surgery is typically on anyone's Bucket List.

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by eliana11ful, Aug 02, 2010
Oh yes...and buy some good lip balm and a product called biotene dry mouth mouthwash. Keep both by your bed. Your lips will get very dry from breathing through your mouth. You will have difficulty creating saliva. The biotene is a minty rinse that synthesizes saliva and keeps your mouth moist enough to sleep.

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by ozziizzo, Aug 21, 2010
Thank you Eliana, I am having the surgery next Tuesday and was about to cancel until I came to your posts.  I've had 2 babies, a double mastectomy and other surgery so I think I can do this - but seriously I'm frightened. . . . you helped with your no nonsense approach and your suggestions.   Thank you!

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by Bill4852, Sep 16, 2010
I had my deviated septum repaired and my turbinates reduced on Sept 9th, 7 days ago.  I guess I have been comparatively lucky so far.  I had very little bleeding and that was only the first couple of days following surgery.  I have splints and dissolving packing...the splints come out tomorrow compined with a thorough cleaning and from what I understand it is not going to be pleasant.  Hydocodone 500mg once or twice a day handled the pain nicely and lately needed just at night.  I was diected to use NeilMed saline flushes 4 plus times a day after the 3rd day and by that time the congestion was so bad I couldn't wait to flush.  The first few flushes rewarded me some relief with much debris, blood clots and crust pouring out.  The problem is after you flush the splints act as dams and you can't get all of the fluid drained.  Letting as much drip out as possible after the flush and then reclining on your back helps the drainage but not completely.  For me this has been the worst part...not the pain but the constant congestion with about 30% breathing capable through the nose.  I want to sniff the remaing moisture out but can't so I constantly have irritating "gurgling" 24/7s.  It's like having your worst cold.  I even got desperate enough to try a baby nasal aspirator without success.  I was however out doing things starting the next day, some light shopping, dinner out etc, with my gal doing the driving.  I have been careful not to overdo with exercising but have been doing "honeydo" chores daily.  Again I consider myself fortunate so far and I want to encourage those that really feel it's time to do something about their chronic sinus issues.  Best to have explored all other options first however because obviously this procedure isn't a walk in the park for most.

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by Bill4852, Sep 17, 2010
Update.  The  surgery was on 9 September and I had the splints removed today, 17 September.  I admit with all the doom and gloom I've been reading I was a bit apprehensive.  Doc first sprayed Lydacane and a decongestant and let me sit for about 10 minutes.  He then sniped the stiches from the splints and they slide out easily and painlessly.  Then the fun began.  He then used a very slim vacuum tube which he thoroughly cleaned all the mucas from the sinuses and clear down the tube in the back of my throat.  I admit I really didn't like that part but all in all it wasn't unbearable and the whole "cleaning" only lasted about 10 minutes. A mess of bloody mucas came out with the splints.  What a relief after the splints were removed!  I can breathe again and while the one side is still a bit stuffy from the cleaning "abuse", I feel a lot of relief.  I go back for another cleaning next week and have been instructed to continue the rinses, increasing the number a day from 4 to 8 plus.  I'll post again next week.

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by Lori2610, Nov 28, 2010
29th November 2010
I had a deviated septum fix & sinus surgery on 18th November 2010 at the Mercy Hospital in Melbourne. I was in hospital for one night.  I would recommend if you have a similar problem don't hesitate to have it done. While the recovery process has been very slow, it has been completely painless. As I was informed I now just feel as if I have a bad head cold.   I have been told that my surgeon is excellent, so much so that he operates on a lot of children.  I'm still not allowed to bend over or blow my nose...I do so look forward to that!  I have slept a lot during the day and have really taken it easy as I was told to...

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by pa_sinus, Dec 24, 2010
I had endoscopic sinus surgery on Monday, December 20, 2010. I am an otherwise healthy 30 year old female.   The doctor did balloon sinuplasty on my maxillary and frontal sinuses and did an ethmoidectomy and removed polyps.  Some background:  For the past couple of years I was getting sinus infections every time I flew.  I would usually able to clear them up with Flonase and antibiotics.  However, the last sinus infection I got after flying in July 2010 would not clear up.  I have been trying to get pregnant, so I didn't want to take any medication.  I figured the infection would eventually clear up on its own.  It didn't.  I went to my family doctor about a month after I initially got the infection.  She put me on an antibiotic that was category B (safe to take while TTC or pregnant).  It didn't work.  Over the next several months we tried various other antibiotics and nasal sprays and I stopped TTC so that I could get over this sinus infection.  I also used a Neti pot and other home remedies, which provide some temporary relief, but did not solve my problems.  None of the medication was working.  I was having terrible face pain and sinus headaches.  I noticed that my face was swollen and my sunglasses where now leaving a deep indent in my forehead, which had never happened before.  The family doc finally sent me for a CT scan and I made an appointment with an ENT.  The CT scan showed that basically all my sinuses were clogged up and that I had sinus disease.  The ENT said that I had chronic sinusitis.  I told her about all the antibiotics I had tried and that I didn't think that it was a bacterial infection because the mucus that I was blowing out of my nose was totally clear, not yellow or green or some other gross color.  I told her that I thought it might be allergy related and also triggered by flying.  She agreed.  She scheduled me for allergy testing and put me on a steroid and allergy medication in the meantime.  I went back a week later for the allergy testing, which showed that I was allergic to everything on the test (I never had allergies - or at least I didn't know that I had allergies - so this was a big surprise to me).  The steroid that I was on helped me a lot, but once I was weaned off of it, all of my congestion returned.  The ENT ultimately recommended sinus surgery.  I was against having the surgery from day 1, but agreed to do it over Christmas break since I would be off of work for two weeks any way.  In the three weeks leading up to the surgery I took Zyrtec-D, which really helped me to breath better and control my symptoms.  I started to think I didn't need to the surgery any more, but if I went a day without the medicine, I got completely congested again, so I finally gave in and accepted the fact that this was something I needed to do.  So five days ago, Monday, I went in to the hospital and had the surgery.  I was the first case of the day (8am surgery, had to be at the hospital by 6:30am) and it was outpatient surgery, so I was home by 1pm.  I had myself pretty worked up and anxious about having this done.  Once I was in a gown and hooked up to an IV I started to calm down and accept that this was going to happen.  I had never had anesthesia, so I didn’t know what to expect.  The whole process was not as bad as I had anticipated.  I did read a lot of blogs and did quite a bit of research online prior to the surgery, so I think I was prepared for the worst.  I was knocked out and in surgery for about an hour or so.  When I came out I had a gauze pad taped under my nose to catch the blood that occasionally oozed from it and I had an ice pack on my forehead.  The first thing I thought when I woke up was that my throat was absolutely killing me.  This was from the breathing tube they had to insert during the surgery.  The first thing I asked for was ice to suck on and while waiting to be discharged I had two popsicles and several cups of ice water.  That was really the only pain I felt.  They gave me a Percocet and discharged me not long after I came out of recovery.  The really surprising thing was that the doctor told me I had the worst case of polyps she had ever seen.  The testing I had done in her office prior to the surgery (CT scan and scope up the nose) did not show that I had any polyps, but I think that was because she couldn’t see all the way up into my ethmoid sinuses (the ones between my eyes) with the scope in her office.  So she said it was a good thing that I decided to go ahead with the surgery because neither medicine nor time would have ever gotten rid of those polyps.  She said I will have to be on a nasal spray to prevent the polyps from coming back after the surgery (I got back 1 week after the surgery for the post-op visit, which is when I’m assuming she will prescribe a nasal spray for me).  I will also need to take allergy medication as needed to control my allergies.  She said that she didn’t have to put those plastic splints or packing up my nose.  She was able to use dissolvable splints that are stitched in there and will eventually come out when I do the nasal rinses.  She sent me home with three prescriptions:  1) a steroid, which I’d be on for 6 days; 2) Percocet (which I only took that first day, then I just switched to Tylenol Extra Strength because the pain wasn’t that bad, and 3) an antibiotic to prevent infection.  I was also instructed to rinse my nose with saline 4 – 5 times a day and to use Afrin (which they gave me at the hospital) twice a day (two sprays in each nostril) for 3 days after the surgery.  I figured that I would sleep the whole rest of that first day, but my throat hurt so bad I could not sleep.  I basically just sat propped up in bed or on the couch the whole rest of the day, eating popsicles and drinking lots of cold fluids.  Towards the end of the day I took a couple of cough drops and ate some yogurt, which seemed to really help my throat.  I barely slept that first night because I was breathing out of my mouth (since I still had that gauze pad under my nose), which hurt my throat and totally dried out my mouth and I had to sleep sitting up.  By the next morning my nose had stopped oozing blood and I was able to remove the gauze pad and breathe a little out of my nose.  I did have a dizzy spell when I first got up the next morning.  I learned that I would need to drink something sugary and eat a little something before getting out of bed each morning.  I was able to eat normally by the second day.  I also had someone come and “babysit” me for the first couple days after the surgery because I was dizzy and afraid I would fall.  My throat actually felt 100% better by the second day and I really had no pain.  Some slight aching around my eyes and my nose once in a while.  Using ice and taking the Tylenol really helped.  Tuesday and Wednesday night (days 2 and 3) I did have quite a bit of bloody mucus dripping down the back of my throat.  I think this was what was making me feel nauseous.  Right before going to bed Tuesday and Wednesday night I felt a big mucus ball going down my throat and spit it out.  It was a medium sized blood clot.  I took this a good sign that things were starting to clot and heal.  By Thursday I was feeling much better overall all and starting to get my energy back, but was having a little more pain in my face.  I just got more aggressive with icing and it helped.  I did take a Percocet last night (Thursday night) to help me be able to go to sleep and today (Friday – Day 5) I am feeling way better.  I am looking forward to my post-op visit on Monday to hear everything the doctor has to say about how everything went and how I am healing.  I would recommend the surgery if you are having persistent sinus issues.  I suffered for six months with this one infection and was against this surgery, but now that I know that I had polyps, I would have done it sooner.  I think the pain involved is much less than I anticipated and I can finally breathe out of my nose a little and I was able to smell my Christmas tree for the first time yesterday!

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by oregonbigc, Sep 04, 2011
did anyones voice change?  i sound more nasally now.  it has been 5 days so far.  if this happened to you,  did it get better and how long after.?

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by maddsurgery, Apr 11, 2012
i had deviated septum, turbinate reduction, and endoscoic sinus surgery 2 weeks ago.  My sinuses were completely filled with polyps.  I thought it went well tho.  i needed no pain killers at all.  i rinse every hour and put bacitracin up my nostrils every hour to keep it  moist.  i already started working out again and i will go back to work monday.. i thought it went well i just hope the polyps dont come back!

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by omahanebraska, Dec 02, 2012
THE SURGERY AND RECOVERY TIME DID NOT HURT AT ALL!!!!! So, there is hope for those of you that may be having nasal polip surgery! I'm a 55 yr old female with polips completely filled in my right sinus cavity. Anyway, had polips removed with outpatient surgery 2 weeks ago. Dr. removed them by going thru my nose and mouth. No bleeding, no pain, could breath as soon as I woke up in the recovery room....I kid you not, I think I could of drove myself back home after the surgery. Didn't have to take any pain pills either. I post this b/c I too read all the horror stories of how ppl suffered after surgery and it had me so worried and worked up, but as I stated my surgery was no big deal at all!

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by Dkapphahn, Apr 05, 2015
I had sinus surgery on the 24th of march 2015. Had no pain what so ever. I was perscibed pain killers but never needed to take any of them. I bled like crazy for atleast 24 hrs. My Dr actually mad new channels in my sinus for better drainage. After about a week I could start to breath better, but I still have a lot of post nasel blood going into my throat and stomic, its starting to make me feel noxious, I'm starting to worry about how much blood post nasel that I'm having.  I can't smell yet after 2 weeks, the stints they put in have a steroids in it that does give off a heavy oder that I can smell , very heavy medicated smell makes me sick to my stomic.  I rinse my sinuses a least once every couple of hrs. Its been a couple of weeks now things are seeming better and better. Still a lot of post nasel blood drainage.

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