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Ohio's not for lovers.

Feb 20, 2010 - 2 comments

I need a change in scenery.

So, yesterday: I went to school... I went home for 5 minutes to change... I went to the boys' sectional... I cheered and whatnot from 3 until 10 o'clock... I went home.... I went to bed.

Today: Woke up... went to bowling alley for bus... went to girls' sectional... cried... bowled... cried.... happy!... lost by 5 pins... cried... rode bus home... went to engagement party... partied... went home.... here now.

So, while I was at sectionals, my (ex) best friend texted me, asking if we were still planning on going shopping. I didn't get her text until an hour later because we couldn't have phones.

Conversation: (K= friend, D= me)
K- We still gonna go?
K- ?
D- Sorry just got done with singles. I'm not sure when I'll be home, but yeah, I'm planning on it.
K- w.e
D- Sorry, not my fault I'm stuck at sectionals.
K- Did I say that?
D- "W.e" I gotta go do baker's. ttyl
K- K b****.
D- I'm really sick of you being a b**** to me, seriously.
And from there it got really graphic. In other words, I'm best friend-less.

But I'm really glad my team was there. They're such good friends. Andd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a date with a senior on Monday. :D!

Mixed day.


I need a hug.

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770551 tn?1305578901
by sunshine1976, Feb 21, 2010
Hugs.... I have always had a hard time at your age making lasting friendships with girls.  They all seemed to shallow, and self centered. Once I got to college it got a little better.  I don't know, maybe it's because I've never been the princess kind of girl.  I never wanted to discuss my dream wedding.  I never looked to others to tell me who I was. I never wanted to be together 24 hours a day. The friends I have as an adult are a lot like me, We don't spend a lot of time together but even if we're apart for a year or more when we get back together it's like we haven't been apart at all.  I think Best Friends is a label that hurts a friendship more than brings it closer.  O.K. enough of me rambling.  Have fun on your date!!

808144 tn?1332724340
by iwouldbdanielle, Feb 22, 2010
I give up on friends right now. I'm going to school to learn and advance to bigger and better things.

We had to change the day to Tuesday. But I will, thanks! :D

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