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31.5 weeks

Feb 22, 2010 - 1 comments

31 weeks


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Had a phone meeting with one of my doulas last night.. went so well!  I meet with both of them later on next week to go over a birth plan and to give DH and I some homework.. hahaha.. they're quite happy to hear that he's of.. a sturdy disposition..   there are some pain-management techniques that require some brute strength and staying power.. he'll be perfect.  :)

This baby is rockin'!! Tons of movement these days.. only calms when I'm actively running around. I can feel specific body parts now, as they coast around my belly and knock around my ribs.

I've been working a lot this week to prepare everyone for my upcoming departure.. the 12 hour shift on Friday was just too much though.  Since I'm on my feet without a break.. only snacking on things that happen to cross my path.. having to be completely "on" and in-charge is starting to take it's toll.  Just the 30 minute walk to work is starting to get a bit rough.. shin splints and those stitches in my sides feeling have intensified.  I'm looking forward to being done on the 28th.. but wish that there was an easy way to drop down in hours gradually...  with the benefits system here, I need to be working full time up until I stop completely, or suffer a huge loss in sick/maternity benefits.  They are completely based on your income, not on income per hours worked.

The time is coming quickly where all of my focus is going to shift from managing a crazy kitchen crew to managing my home and getting it ready for this baby to come out.  A start of the transition to having 100% of my focus on the baby itself!  It's all starting to seem more real...

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by Ladybugbc, Feb 22, 2010
Wow.. time flies eh?

You must be super excited about going on Mat leave pretty soon. After that .. it's all "rock and roll" (more for that little dancer of yours)

Some times I wish i could go on Mat leave tomorrow... Hope you enjoy the down time before the big arrival.


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