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Weight loss and pregnancy planning

Feb 22, 2010 - 2 comments

Weight loss & Family planning

....  I'm currently 206 lbs at 5'0.  I've never been so big and unhealthy.  I have had two children and gained 30 lbs since I had my youngest.  I am excited that my hubby wants to have another child.  I know that I've got to lose a lot of weight before I can even think about having another baby.  I am afraid of the health risks that comes with being pregnant and being so big at the same time.  

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by beyla, Feb 22, 2010

     Almost everyone has weight problems, and its very hard, but i know that you have many choices to fight the challenge. You can do a number of things that don't include liposection or weight loss pills that don't even work. what i feel you would feel good about trying is making a chart on what you eat every day and look on what is healthy- that you enjoy- and eat only certain healthy amounts. on the other hand you can try working out, its really fun and you and your husband will have a great time talking together during this time. My mom goes to a physical therapy to work on her muscles in her stomach. you should try and see what works for you, even though its tough, remember(physical therapy quote) its like a hill and when your going up its going 2 be tough, but it goes down hill from there.

      i really hope this helps, and i really don't think at 206 and 5'0 you cant have a baby but it might be tough.
good luck!

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by Gr8estMommy, Feb 22, 2010
Thank you!  That was very nice.  I have been eating healthy for two months now.  My hubby and I decided that we'd been lazy about our food choices for too long.  I've recently joined my local YMCA and am working on my exercise habits.  It definately is hard to make a plan and stick to it.  I've actually been trying off and on for 3 years, but haven't made it as far as I have this time. Thank you for your advice and the luck.  It is greatly appreciated!!!!

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