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Aug 24, 2015 - 0 comments








I have been having problems with lifting my left leg from the anterior hip joint for some time now. It first developed when I was still going to the gym on a regular basis. It was not too painful at first, just an annoyance but soon progressed to be painful enough that I had to stop the leg raises that were a part of my routine. I could not understand what was happening and has been gradually worsening until I am unable to lift that leg and when I attempt  to I have really severe pain in the joint and now the thigh muscle itself. At first it was just in the joint area itself. I had bilateral hip surgery previous to this without any problems. Now 3years ago I developed pain on the left side of the same hip. It bothers me a lot if I do not walk enough but resolves completely as long as I walk. I told my specialist about it but he didn't think so. I am very prone to adhesions since I had them after previous surgeries. I need to get this eliminated since it is preventing me from doing prescribed exercise before back surgery. How can I reduce the pain so I can exercise?

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