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Need to win the lottery or rob a bank lol

Feb 23, 2010 - 3 comments

I just wish i could get ahead on bills and not have to worry about money anymore.

Ok back to reality i need to find a new job that had better insurance that will cover my infertility treatments I hate that I have to wait for another year or two to do any treatments because we have car notes and rent and all this other crap that means nothing to me now that it is standing in the way of me being a mommy it just ***** I remember when I bought my stupid Tahoe I was so happy because I thought I will have at thing filled with a babies in no time and no its just me and the hubby and it ***** I would give all the material things i have to become preggo. I never thought this would be my life and I just keep getting older and all I can think about is my stupid eggs probably have cobb webbs on them. I just wish there was a way to predict my future so I could know that one day I will be a mom at least then I would have a little more peace in my heart but right now I just feel sad and wonder when will god bless me. Sorry I just needed to get a few things off my chest.

Oh an not to mention today is my 2nd anniversary and I though for sure I would have a baby or at least be preggo by now I am just starting to feel like it may not happen for us and we should start planning our future without and kids.

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885855 tn?1326214255
by JENNY602, Feb 23, 2010
thats one of our anniversary pics we took this past sunday

758877 tn?1382589362
by ladybug82, Mar 30, 2010
awww !!! i hear ya ! just know that you are not alone !!! and although at times you feel like you are the only one going through know we are right besides you feeling the same things. we are ttc our first and hubby is the son yet to have kids!!!! sending you so many tight hugs!!!

BTW nice pic!!!! happy belated anniversary

1118302 tn?1422498761
by yoha919, Sep 29, 2011
look at you now blessed with a baby girl and almost coming into this world! god bless you and your lil family :)

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