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Whats happening to me?

Aug 28, 2015 - 0 comments

Pregnancy test


brown discharge


gas bloating


Faint result

My periods are irregular, but this is the first time that i take this long (3 month without period) but has very very small amount of brown discharge just for 4 days for the last 2 months (2 days each month when i supposed to have my period), should that be considered as a period? Im expiriencing cramping for the last couple of weeks, yes my breasts are too soft and sometimes ache, im experiencing bloating, as if im over filled with gas everyday for the last 1 and a half week. It may sound like im pregnant, but i checked using pregnancy test kit twice (last month and this month), the results are the same, super red control line and very very very (i cant even emphasize how very) faint line was reflected. Im thinking that those were just eveporation line, and i am afraid to be checked, cause they might find that i have cancer or something.. Can you at least enlighten me even a bit? Thank you.

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