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Weight Loss

Feb 24, 2010 - 2 comments

I tend to yo-yo diet. I get up to over 160 and I start to panic. I'm 5'9" so I can carry the weight without *looking fat*. but my clothes don't fit. I have sizes and even some 12s...
When I got to 163 last fall, my sister and I went on a diet and we both lost 10 pounds. Over the holidays I gained it all back. Now, for almost a month, I have been eating salads with baked chicken, cut of soda, cut out alcohol ( a huge trigger to my depression and suicide attempts ) avoid cereals and snack food. Lots of water. Usually one meal a day at night. Avoid eating out ( due to the lack of healthy choices and financial situation ). Happy to report I've lost that 10 pounds yet again and hope this time with a little exercise I can keep it off. I have yoga videos, Hip Hop Abs (;-))
and many others. Each day I think I will exercise but the energy is not there and I put it off yet another day.
Not working - I just want to stay on the couch and watch TV or sleep.
Energy is so low...

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by missamelia, Feb 24, 2010
i understand coimpletely how you feel, but i'd say the reason your energy is so low is because you're not eating meal a day is definitely not enough for any woman, especially someone who is 5'9... i'm 175-180 lbs and 5'8, and am eating just enough to keep my levels up enough to work out every day... i eat about 3 small meals a day and one or 2 snacks... trying to keep under 1000 calories a day (average for a woman my size is more like 1400-1600)i'm also using hip hop abs and am LOVING it! i sincerily encourage you to revise your eating habits and start looking at food as fuel and energy instead of this love/hate relationship (trust me i understand that relationship too)... start nourishing your body! get your energy up with vitamins and protein and soon you'll be enjoying that hip hop abs set just as much as i am ;) good luck! i look forward to seeing your results!

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by lindeelou, Mar 02, 2010
I do have protein bars I snack on during the day - I just never have eaten breakfast - it sort of gags me, and only ate lunch when I was working ( which I'm not now ) I just eat when my body tells me I'm hungry.
Last night was a chicken breast, arugula, cilantro, a tomato and wrapped that all in a tortilla.
Two protein bars during the day (210 calories each), so I don't feel like I'm starving.
But, the love hate relationship with food I can surely understand as well.

Are you losing weight, trying to just eat healthier or maintaining?

I also take fish oil, a baby aspirin and then calcium with my meal.

When I self medicated with narcotics, I was 125, which scared my doctor because of the "Karen Carpenter" syndrome, heart muscle deteriorating because of lack of protein and muscle wasting. That scared me and we cheered when I got to 140.  Still, I yo yo.

Thanks for posting!!!

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