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Feb 24

Feb 24, 2010 - 4 comments

Well I'm supposed to be going with a friend of mine to her booty bootcamp class, but looking outside doesn't look too promising- WTF is with the snow randomly? ugh. i REALLY want to go! Well I guess I'll do a few videos this afternoon just in case I dont get to go tonight, damn it would be such a kick *** workout! Other then that... I need to stop weighing myself every day, i havent been posting my weight daily on my tracker, but definitely have been checking it religiously when i wake up in the am. ALSO.... i need to stop taking mouthfuls of food here and there through out the day.... one spoon of gravy, 2 french fries, one bite of the delicious cake sitting on the counter... damn do they ever add up! today im going to resist all of the tasty things around me and tomorrow im going to feel damn good about it =)

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by Softballerz, Feb 24, 2010
A botty bootcamp eh?  That sounds challenging!  I've got plenty of booty so I could use a bootcamp like that. LOL

I saw your note on the Hip Hop Abs.  That looks really fun.  I'll have to save up for that, 3 payments of 19.99 plus shipping seems like a lot for work out videos.  I got Jillian Michael's 30-shred for $8.99 at Wal-mart. LOL.  Is the video's worth that much?  If so I may just have to invest in it.  

I started a food tracker just to see where I was at on food intake, but the funny thing is, I won't pick up as much food on the fly b/c I think "Damn I'll have to track that!", so I put it back down. LOL.  I went to Nutrition World today and started discussing calories with a guy who worked there.  I knew there would be no way I could do a 500 calorie diet and I have read it's not healthy.  I figured 1200 per day would be good, but he said NO 1500 per day would be good since I am working out now. He said if I don't take in enough calories I will burn muscle. WTF?  I have never heard of such a thing.  Have you?  Then we got into fat burners vs cortisol blockers vs Acai energy and immune boosters.  I left more confused then when I walked in.  Dieting shouldn't be this complicated.

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by missamelia, Feb 25, 2010
lol! i know, the human body is crazzzyyyy! i'm trying to stick to around 1000 cals perday, i could definitely be eating more  but the foods i AM eating i'm trying to pick things that i know will give me nutrition and energy to keep at the workouts.... hopefully i dont start burning muscle... im thinking ive got enough fat on me that it should burn the fat first? seems logical to me, and ive also heard about the whole body conserving thing where if you dont eat enough calories your body goes into starvation mode and starts preserving fat instead of burning it because it thinks it's going to be without food for a long time, but as far as i know keeping active and working out often will teach your body not to think that way. by exersizing you're showing your body you're in body pump mode and not starving manic woman mode LOL!

also, i thought about doing cleansers and fat absorbers yadda yadda, and i just think that at the end of it all i'll be much more proud to say i worked it off all on my own rather than by pooping all the fat i ate out lol... who knows what works, they're all expensive, and the dude at the store is paid to try to sell everything to you... i don't have any money to waste on things that may or may not work lol

and as for the hip hop abs set i found it expensive too, which is why when i found it at a Rogers video store for $49.99 i bought it on the spot! look around and if you have a rogers store nearby ask them to look it up and possibly order it for you... i'm absolutely loving it... i switch betwen hip hop abs, a series called Skinny ***** (another awesomeee series) and going to the gym. keeping it fresh every day makes it exciting for me lol

well off to get ready for my workout, yayy! hahaa also just a little interesting fact i learned on a food tv show called "Good Eats" if you drink your 8 glasses of water per day ice cold as opposed to room temperature, you could burn up to an extra 70 cals per day because it takes your body more energy to warm up the water you consumed ;) who knew! haha have a great day!

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by Softballerz, Feb 26, 2010
That makes sense, I guess that's why he told me to eat more calories, like 1500, so my body doesn't go into hibernation mode.  I'm a diabetic and I should be eating 5 small meals a day, but I find that hard.  I do good getting 3 healthy to semi-healthy meals in a day.  Maybe I just need to eat a bigger lunch.

LOL, poopin' out the fat. That's funny, but true I guess w/fat absorbers.  I haven't tried those.  I am taking fat burners, one in the morning, one early evening.  Then a cortisol blocker at night.  Supposed to help w/fat caused by stress and it is also supposed to target tummy and *** fat which I have plenty of.  I am supposed to take that 3 times a day, but won't mix it with the fat burners so I'm not sure if it will even work the way I am doing it.  We'll see.  

We don't have a Rogers, but we do have McKay's used books and dvd's.  It has all sorts of stuff.  I'll have to check there to see if I can get the Hip Hop abs cheaper.  Thanks for the tip on that.  

Mixing it up is a great idea.  I think I will follow your lead after I finish the 30 day shred. I have Taebo, I actually got that at McKay's, but didn't look for Hip Hop abs at the time.  With those 3 workouts I could alternate and get good results.  

I have been drinking more water, ice water even tho I didn't know that, so I'll have to up the water intake by about 5 more glasses a day.  I'm off to look into that website for food that you told me about on my journal.  You're a big help.  THANKS!

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by missamelia, Feb 26, 2010
Yeah I definitely reccomend you eat more/more often than you're eating, just make better selection so calorie and fat wise you don't ruin your diet, diabetes messes with your body a lot and can go downhill very quickly. Eating well and improving your cholesterol levels etc. can not only improve, but can sometimes eliminate diabetes completely! My grandfather has had it since around when i was born and it kills me to still see him eating soo poorly :S he ate well for a few years and now feels that since hes older he doesnt need to work as hard and sneaks all kinds of sweets behind my grandmothers back lol poor woman she goes mad keeping sweets out of the house!

Let me know how your fat burners and cortisol blockers are working, any side effects you're noticing? one pill at a time doesnt sound so bad, one time I tried to do the slimquick cleanse and 4 pills in am and pm is rediculous, they' werent horse pills but definitely werent small... i have a bottle of the regular slimquick sitting in my room and im tempted to give it a try just to boost my weight loss but the whole 8 tablets a day thing really doesnt appeal to me lol

look for it in any store really, walmart, kmart, electronic stores or dvd stores... I also used to work at a store called Showcase (in canada though of course so i dont know if you guys have one) it's a store wehre they sell all types of "as seen on tv" products and we sold it there for $80, no shipping or anything obviously cause its in store lol

tae bo is awesome! tried it once when i was 15 and waaay lazy and never did it again but now im ready to be active and ill definitely give it a try again, thx for reminding me about it!

yeah im trying to keep my water up ive been averaging 6 cups a day which is a lot better than the one cup every few weeks i was drinking before lol! glad i could help! ive always liked learning about weight loss and the human body because ive alllways known i needed to get fit and healthy, i was just way too lazy to do it. ive wasted a lot of time being unhappy and i feel like theres a lot of people out there who feel the same way!

im soo looking forward to seeing both of us reach our goals!

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