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just today...

Feb 24, 2010 - 2 comments

Could it be that i am finally letting go? I am amzed today at how good I am feeling about the journey ahead. My personal life right now is a mess, but I am ok. I feel strong, determined and looking forward to being what I was made to be; whatever that may be. I am confident that this has a lot to do with everyone that has been praying for me...

There are some many ppl on this forum that have just encouraged me beyond belief. People that have not given up on me when I failed. It's biblical principals that are held here, whether we know it or not. The bible talks about being one body and how we should encourage, meet together, love one another and pray. There are so mnay that do this and I am jsut so grateful for it.

Today is a brand new day. I hope & pray that i can hold onto the place I'm in just today...

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by vicki595, Feb 24, 2010
Hey~~  Glad you're feeling good today about "the journey".  It sure is a long one,huh?

Your personal life is a mess?  I'm so sorry Kathy.  Do you feel like sharing??  Get it off your chest?

Let me know if you want to talk about it~

Vicki  xo

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by jstntime, Feb 24, 2010
There are those that squander all they have been given.
Gettin all high, thinking they're livin'.

But there are some from that group who've just had enough.
Tired of chasing and feeling so rough.

They come here weary, sick and alone.
Please help me, through tears, escapes their moan.

Some reach down to grab them, help them back to their feet.
Teach them new ways, not to get beat.

Few seem to get the best part of it all.
The part that says you can rise after a fall.

The ones that do and get up right away.
Are sure to avoid the price we all pay.

Though the clean time resets, what does it matter???
As long as you retake your place on the ladder.

Some days will be good and others quite ******.
So revel in the good ones becase it ain't always that pretty.

Keep the good spirits, they will only help you on your way.
You should be crazy proud of your success today.

Hang in there Kathy, it gets better by the mile.
But only if you remember, remember to smile.

Nice seeing you in good spirits and congrats on your clean time!!!!!


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