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sleepy day

Feb 26, 2010 - 0 comments



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cant figure out if its the increase of meds today, but ive been pretty tired all day, and the past few days, well weeks actually. all i want to do is sleep and then i sabotage my regular sleep at night , so thin im up till like 4 and then im tired all day long, cant function for the kids. it *****.

jumped from 50mgs of lamictal to 100 today, maybe thats why im so tired? took it at noon, and feel asleep shortly after, thankfully the kids were alright today. im kind of tired tonight still.

kids had a snow day, lucky me. its alright when i have just my son, but both of them can destroy my house in a matter of seconds and i dont have the energy to clean it up at all.

i was on lamitcal before, but i must have been used to it at that point and it didnt make me tired at all, plus im starting a new muscle relaxer on top of that, so that could be it. why cant i just be a normal healthy person?

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