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Second day after 2 day IViG

Feb 27, 2010 - 2 comments




Why do I always over do it? Felt good the two days during treatment and walked and did pilates and crashed Friday at noon and am still down Saturday at 4 PM.

MS is so discouraging. Hopefully the cervical injections next week will do some good. I have to get out of this pain. I have no more tears to cry.

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by Sarahsmom46, Feb 27, 2010
Oh  Khiba.  The pain is really the toughest part to deal with until you finally find something that helps.  

I know all about the overdoing it.  One of hardest things I've had to learn is to prioritize my activities.  Like you I started feeling good and of course did more and paid for it later.  

I like you attitude about MS not being discouraging.  I agree.  I hope the cervical injections help you next week.  Hoooray for meds that work.  

How have you been doing on the IVIG?  Sounds like it is making a difference too.  Hang in there.  



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by Khiba, Feb 27, 2010
Hi Julie,
Thanks for the support! I have been doing IVIG since November and I guess its helping. I do have more energy after the dreaded IVIG flu which lasts for a few days after the treatment. I have been able to build up some with walking and weights and finally am gaining weight. Yay!

I just hate the pain part... everything hurts. Nerves, muscles, skin, everything. Will report on the cervical injections as they happen! At least it is progress. Have to open each door and see whats behind it. Hopefully this will be the magic that give me some quality of life back. I am tired of being housebound and chained to my recliner, basically.


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