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11dpo, 8dp3dt and back to the daily grind

Mar 01, 2010 - 2 comments

ivf symptoms








vivid dreams


no symptoms


TTC over 40

Symptoms are gone, March is here, and it's time to stop thinking about being a mother and focus on all the work projects that are slipping off schedule. I'm not a big "career woman" type--I don't particularly like my job; it's the job I could get, and there aren't a lot of options these days.

"Vivid dreams" aren't a symptom for me, they're pretty normal. It'd be surprising if I had a restful, deep sleep some night. Last night I dreamt I was on a bus filled with elderly women, and an elderly male doctor with a big old-fashioned doctor's bag was blocking the exit. The bus driver wouldn't stop at my stop and drove me very very far from where I wanted to be. When I finally fought my way off the bus, I couldn't get back there. Pretty clear symbolism. Woke extremely dehydrated and very tired and foggy. I feel like I need a two-week nap.

And now I've spent so much time fussing around online, I'm running late for work. Time to get back to the daily grind.

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766586 tn?1284386798
by peppypeep, Mar 01, 2010
Sounds like a lot of anxiety dreams I have had.  I actually had a bad one when I was knocked out during my egg retrieval and I remember waking up totally angry!    Sounds like you were on a runaway bus. Next time push the driver out of the way and high tail it outta there like in "Speed".  Remember, none of it is real anyway when you wake up so learn to control your dreams while you are dreaming and have some fun with them!!!!  (don't laugh I actually did this in order to control a weird recurring dream I had for over 10 years).  

1076696 tn?1283033325
by AliceW, Mar 02, 2010
No runaway busses in my dreams last night, just tedious and contentious squabbling with someone trying to get me to take dictation who wouldn't slow down and kept changing the words. At least I wasn't dreaming about being old and leaving all the things I wanted in life behind. But maybe I could have made the dream a little less boring if I'd been able to take control of it :P

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