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Mar 02, 2010 - 1 comments

I recently had a bad viral and bacterial infection in my lungs and blood (with pneumonia). I have been feeling better however after recieving the antibiotics beginning with amoxacillin, I have been getting red blochy rashes on my neck, chest,back, and biceps. My rash does not itch but does feel very hot. Most importantly my rash will appear for no longer then 10 minutes and then dissapear. Hours or so later it will come back in the same spot with minimal if any swelling. I was wondering if any of you guys/girls could help me out. Thanks. Ryan

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by biskey, Jan 14, 2014
I had the same thing this summer , presented with watery cough had chest xray dos said nothing wrong with you but a prevois collasped lung scar tissue makes it hard to see pneumonia . they gave me anti biotics . then a big rash appears around my neck and lesions on my legs and arms i stopped anti biotics and they had given me a persciption for prednisone because i said hey this looks exatly like lupus and i have had leg pain and weakness for a year as the infection in my skin seems like it was getting into my eyes and throat iwas desperate and began prednisone in 3 days i felt better but the rash never totaly went away and came back as soon as the prednisone was stopped .fast forwward 3months the rash took over after they said prednisone is causing the rash maybe who put you on prednisone ? I was flabber gasted ! they gave me the wrong antibiotics and now was wondering who put me on prednisone ! I said I did you gave me a presription for it and well the rash was so bad and closing off my air way and getting into my eyes so instead of going to the emergency room where they had said get out of here with that rash and see a rumy or a dermatologist . so I listened got a appiont ment in nov for dec26th and got blood drawn and biopsys of my skin ....finding out reuslts were like pulling teeth with a tractor they said you have some strange results but nothing says lupus hlab 27 is positive as well as lukocytossi and some other indicatior of mild arthritis nothing to worry about it just means your likely to have some stiffness xrays show no problems even though my leg is weak and i have whwat looks like deep briuses and sores they said allergys not auto ummune my be contact dermatitis are you washing your clothes and keeping clean/
i said i take a towel bath with surgical soap and finish with alcolhol and keep clean hospital scrubs next to me as the buning and itching from the sores keep me awake all night
they said its the alcolhl its drying your skin stop dont do any thing just let it run its couse! no pain meds notthing just tought it out
the docs said durning a strenght test that you can do better ! on my left leg and i said look i can pick you up and over me with my right side but my left hip and knee dont work at all im walkin gwith cruthches until biopsys under my arms!
damn i was mad but wentr ahead to the demataologist
it was in abad part of town and looked like a hair syling place a assitant took one look at me and sid looks like lupus
prednisone right away again ! by this time the rash was so bad no part of me was uncoverd my croth bled and under arms
they said yep looks likelupus after 2 weeks i still hadnt heard the resultds my doc said oh it is the holidays
no contact from the rumatoligist either . THen i get a call from the doc
he says i have to driv e20 miles to see him to dicuss results im think oh geat lupus or ankylosisng spondy...
drive all the way there and he wont see me he said to his nurse no reason ! you have nothing on you blood test must have been false positive you blood work show s allergy your biopsy shows dematits nothing else ! I was floored lupus not lupus oh well that means may be ill just get better on my own !
then it got into my eays and every mornig i was worse coughing an choking on plem they said oh its prednisone drink more water
as i knew i may not last one more day went to the emergency room they turned me away and said its probaly allergys to soap
go home take benadryll stop uasing alcolhol and let it run its course if you are on prednisone er is full of sick people its no place fo you
my country doc lecuted me about too many er visits come to our after hours clinic if you need help
then asked what do you expect us to do/
i asked for pain meds they gave me toradol and some more steroid cream that made me break out in welts and hives every where so.......
i was sure it was the end for me .....i was getting so sick i sold my car and was thinking of how to get rid of my stuff to pay for my funeral my freinds had all abaondon me my cats died from somethig a week ago the both weezed and hair fell out like me
and then died as i tryed to give them a bath
it was dismal the docs wont see me and after i told them i didnt listen got a bottle of hydo peroxide and burned the beuggers off me ! by 8 hours of epsom salts and intense pain i had beaten it back but as the prednisone wore off and i ran our of hydro
it was back and with the same nasty nausea and dark mucus and rattle in my lungs blood in my urine and intense traveling paisn\ the docs said you did what ! I said i chased the damn thing around my body with hydro i would put the hydo under my arm or in the crook of my leg and it would sizzel! it must be a funcal infection ! she laught stop looking at crazy intenet sites!
I was so upset i herad them laughing and talking out side my door about meggunlenss or something synrome

at home i looked it up soo it was all in my head i was chasing bugs under my skin with hydro and i got better ! maybe I am nuts
even my relatives said you know when you statred with a broken foot from going to workout boxing kung fou ay 53
you want to be sick when you broker your wrist taking you computer out of a bag you must have subcounsily did it for sympathy
they are right you need to stay out of the er and dont tell then about the hydro or you will be in arubber room you knoe prednisone can cause psycosis! well after my leg felt like i had a blot clot and got chest pain i though i better go to the er !
but i had been turned away must be on my record im nuts !
then my arm went numb and turned blue with chest pain was at the hospit for my blind sister she was gett colonoscopy she need kidney transplant
and i was getting pains in my chest i though ok anoth kiney stone ! better go and then the pain hit !
i was dying cant breath psychsomatic or not im going to ask about my arm a swelling in my wrist had stater and my hand wad like ice
12 hours on oxegen and in and out of conciuosness and chest xray later they said mycoplasma pnumonia i must have had it all allong they were going to admit me but my mom is bedridden she will die if i dont feed her !
so they gave me anti biotics and prednisone !
today is the first day one day and im doing better the swelling under my skin and burning is the best ever my head is so clear after oxegen \and i believe the if i hadnt gone in whith chest pain id bee dead only my martial arts traing and hydor saved me
i knew it was biological a fungal infectio n when garleing with hydr improved my breathing so much!
I didnt listen to the docs and found a brilliant young doc who saved my life
now if you hav e mycoplasma  infectionfor too long you can still be in fo a long fight but get a good doc and get a dignosis \
not oh we thing you dont have lupus then ok you have lupus then ok we were wrong sorry false positiv e maybe they lost my bllod work as they sent a blank forn to my docs and then was defensive when i asked to see results that showed either allergy s\or lukiema since i was faking the bone pain by going to kick box ofcourse i had brises on my legs and of cousre i had had
allergys nothing else i had to argur to get a disableity card for my card he said let me see you walk
i said im fine now its in the mornig i cant move and im on 800 millgrasms of ibrorpfen and tylenol! he stop that ! its your rash problem !
if i had listen id be dead ! i went on water fruit and vegies and used epsome saltr bath to stip off the infected layer of skin and stopped the skin infection and noticed lots of litted infected bois poped up this is important to fight the infection out side as well as in
if it gets a good foot hold afer 11 weeks you may not make it other things like cancer can happen im still not out of the woods i have now tumors in my kidney and adreanal left side  and they say same thin benign just wait and watch them
and oh no reasonr to get a ct we have last years you are fine stop going to the emergency room !
today my hands are white for the first time since july cracke and red before by 2 days from now if it works im sure it was myco plasma all along I know soo much about it because my poor rats died of it my poor cats died of it after we moved to a cold moldy apt yes,,, I lost my house with warm baord and wood floors and have to put my brothers and sister in homes
after i broke my foot and couldnt work three years ago was denide any kind of soc security fired form my job as a high payed rodie i worked for paulmcartny as one of my last jobs i was pissing blood but worked any way met his gutarist paul was so nice talked with our gutair tech like he was an old freind the kid creid he sais i didnt really know about thebeatles
so im telling you loudly dont trust gp dont stop going to the doc and say WHEN DO i GET A DIAGNOSIS BEFORE OF AFTER THE AUTOPSY?

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