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Mar 03, 2010 - 1 comments


My 2cnd  mammogram results were "incomplete" and I have to go back tomorrow to have more scans done. I went
to my primary and she said that whatever that saw appeared to be on the muscle but not be concerned, it looked
basically fine. I'm not fine! I'm nervous! Trying to find a job, starting school, and this on top of it is bit too much stress. I
haven't been able to sleep since I got the letter saying there was an issue. Any support welcome.

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by AmelieM, Jul 04, 2011
Dear Spirit3
I am sorry about the stressful sitiuation you are in. Sometimes there are macro calcification appears in the breast tissues, they are harmless but they have to keep tracking of the formation pattern. I hope your result is clear. think positive and trust God and your doctor. take care

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