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Day 41 TX

Mar 03, 2010 - 2 comments

viral load


mood tracker

Slowly going down and itching is inceasing. Week four resuls was not UND. My viral load is down.

Viral Load – 9,630
Log – 3.98
ALT – 76
AST – 64
Glucose – 82
At least it's still going down.

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by jepperone, Mar 11, 2010
Don’t get downhearted Tee Tom the game is not over by a long shot. Although UND at week 4 is a good motivator it is only a bump in the road not to achieve it. I did not get a pcr until week 8 which did show UND and went on the SVR. I feel too much emphasis is placed on being UND by week 4 because it is when the meds are starting to hit their stride in our systems. If we were all a like it would be the norm but it is just not so. Hang in there and see what the next PCR brings. As for the itches, get use to it, it will be with you for some time. Oh, one thing that might help is to back off of the hot showers. I rubbed the paint off of more corners around the house during those 52 weeks, lol.


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by TeeTom, Mar 11, 2010
Thanks Jep,

Know what you mean bout the paint. Wife calls me her favorite bore hawg cause I rub anything that wont move on me.

I'm getting ready to post week 6 results in a new journal entry.


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