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Sea Glass Beach

Sep 09, 2015 - 0 comments

"Ugh," is what Jay would of said if he was alive. But he wasn't, I had to remember, as I squinted my eyes into the sun that was setting behind me on the rocky Jersey coast, so bright and hot for September. I had heard a beep that I received a text message. Ugh, I thought as I looked at the date. September 9.
Was it 24 or 25 years ago? Stop, and I could even hear his voice. He always said this when I said something that wasn't accepted. And that wasn't a bad thing. He was my partner. And Jay, good ole Jay, which was walking beside me as a ghost now, was such a loyal companion. And again like the twelve hundredth time I said, "oh Jay, why did you have to be gay.." But I was really thinking, why did you have to die.
And I thought as I walked on the boards, heading towards Asbury Park, how different it was then. What would Jay say, if he saw his old haunt now? Although when he was still alive Tim Mc Cloones was there, and so was Logistino, which he would take me out for lobster sandwiches on the way back from his treatments at Jersey Shore. He really wasn't gone that long, was he?
I had to forget the past. Bill had moved to Mexico, and Jay had passed away, and now Tanner was with his son. And it was okay, I said, to myself, as I trekked to the beach to hunt for sea glass. And Megan would say in her witchy voice, "don't worry, my child, more will come..."

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