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What's the best HIV Test?

Mar 04, 2010 - 79 comments







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What's the best HIV Test?

The best HIV test is one that provides you with an accurate and reassuring result in a time frame that suits you best. Everybody will have a different "best HIV test" because their circumstances will be slightly different. The main things to think about are firstly when you were possibly exposed to HIV and secondly how desperately you need to know the answer. The exposure time is important because it allows us to calculate the HIV window period, which is the time from HIV infection to detection.

There is a great deal of confusion regarding HIV testing which results mainly from the enormous leaps in our knowledge about HIV in the time since the epidemic began and the advancement of the technology behind the testing devices.Consequently the question as to which is the best HIV test depends very much on the individual circumstances.

We now have HIV testing methods that will allow us to identify HIV infection very early on indeed. This is important for all sorts of reasons, not least the fact that we know that the key period for passing HIV on to another person is in the first few months after infection, when the amount of virus in the infected person's blood stream, semen or vaginal fluids is likely to be very high. The amount of HIV virus in a body fluid is referred to as HIV viral load and in the early stages is likely to be many hundreds of thousands or millions of copies of virus in each one millitre of blood or fluid.

As the infection proceeds and the newly infected person's body gets a hold on the new HIV infection, the amount of virus falls and that person becomes, we think, much less infectious. So for example, if I were to become HIV positive today, then in around 2 weeks or so my viral load - the amount of virus in each 1ml of my blood or semen - would be rapidly increasing and starting to run into the millions of copies. I would be very infectious to those I had unprotected sex with.

Testing newly infected HIV positive people early allows us lots of opportunities to influence the outcome for the good. We know from studies that most people who are aware they are HIV positive are keen to avoid passing HIV on to others. They certainly do not want a moment of madness on their part to result in their loved ones becoming HIV positive too.

So, what is the best HIV test?

- Testing for HIV 7 days after exposure

Preliminary diagnosis of very early HIV and Hepatitis C disease is now possible at
7 days post possible exposure. This time frame was previously unavailable but utilisation of standard routine technology in a novel diagnostic style will facilitate very early diagnosis. The technique has had most application so far in terms of screening the human blood supply from blood donors and has reduced the numbers of inadvertent contamination with HIV and Hepatitis C virus very considerably. The technique is also employed in organ donation settings where organs to be donated are screened for the HIV-1, HIV-2,Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B viruses.

Thinking laterally and working with The Doctors Laboratory ( a major global referral laboratory in London and CPA, UKNEQUAS, WEQAS, ISFG and EMON approved for quality, robustness and high standards), we have collaborated to apply the blood and tissue screening, ultra-high sensitive technique to beginning the diagnostic process for the
diseases identified.

The ultra-fast diagnostic technique utilises a fully automated system made by Roche and the testing method
uses polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or NAT (Nucleic Acid Amplification) to
detect miniscule amounts of viral (and the technique can be applied to bacteria) genetic material.

The process works as follows. We take a measured amount of blood sufficient to run the three NAT tests for HIV-1 and HIV-2; Hepatitis C virus and Hepatitis B virus. We can also include syphilis IgG and IgM within that screen. The test is performed using the Roche platform and runs on the "sample in, results out" technique
which reduces chances of contamination of product etc to zero. Should a positive sample be produced the whole specimen is drilled down to identify the virus producing the positive result and further confirmatory tests are performed.

The outcome is a highly sensitive, highly accurate detection methodology for detection of the identifed viruses. The turnaround time is swift, taking a maximum of 4 days.

- HIV 1 and 2 antibodies and p24 antigen test (HIV DUO or HIV Combi test)

This HIV test is licensed in the EU for use after 28 days after a possible exposure. It is probably much better than this and will probably identify the majority of newly infected HIV positive individuals at between 14 and 21 days. This HIV test is referred to as a fourth generation HIV test. Certainly in our clinic we have had many new diagnoses of patients using this HIV DUO test combination in that time frame.

The HIV DUO test relies on the principle that when HIV first establishes itself in the body it will start to replicate rapidly and almost as a by-product of this replication a core protein - the HIV p24 antigen - is produced in huge amounts from around 10 days or so after first infection and before or during the time when antibodies to HIV are being formed. The p24 antigen will then stay at a very high level for the first few months after infection and later decline in line with the decline in HIV viral load as referred to above. It will though never completely disappear and will run a variable course of detection through the rest of the illness.

So in general, p24 antigen is formed slightly before antibodies are forming allowing us to close the gap between infection to detection time - the HIV window period. As time goes on, then the majority of newly infected HIV positive people will form antibodies to HIV 1 or 2 by 28 days. In combination then, looking for both the HIV 1 p24 antigen and also HIV 1 and 2 antibodies will allow for much earlier detection of HIV than looking for HIV antibodies alone.

- HIV 1 and 2 antibody test

This test is where the most confusion is centred around. When the epidemic began in the early 1980's our testing methods and devices were relatively poor and frequently produced false results. This was largely because researchers were scrambling to find firstly the cause and then a test for a new and virulent disease.

I remember those panic struck early days very well. The false results - both false negative and false positives led to great caution in terms of interpreting the HIV test results at that time. As time has passed, our understanding of the disease, it's cause, it's likely progress and also the testing methods have improved enormously.

We have moved from rudimentary tests in the early 1980's to modern, accurate, easy to use third and fourth generation HIV testing methods in 2010. HIV 1 and 2 antibody tests in use in the UK will be either third or fourth generation test. Modern third generation tests will identify well over 99% of newly infected HIV positive people at 6 weeks after exposure even though they are licensed for use after 12 weeks after a possible exposure.

The best HIV test is always going to be the one that suits your time frame and also need to know level or anxiety level the best. Always remember though that if you have a high risk exposure such as unprotected sex with someone who is known to be HIV positive, or a condom break with someone who is known to be HIV positive then don't wait to test but talk to a doctor about HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) as soon as possible, ideally within 36 to 72 hours after the event.

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by Dreamsinfear, Mar 05, 2010
It was really very good explanations and details for test available for HIV. Doc can you help me, I am worried about possible HIV infection...I did RAPID test for HIV with my
friend..and our results are negative. But I am worried that I didnt paid much
attention to lancet being used as my friend was tested first. What is
possibility of being infected by Lancet sharing if my friend is in window
period..plzz help...

Avatar universal
by aerodrom, Mar 06, 2010
Thank you Dr. Jose for explanation!! I appreciate!

Avatar universal
by RoryTee, Mar 07, 2010
Thanks for some great information. How long would say would be the longest waiting period currently before you can conclusively say a person hasn't got HIV from current tests. I mean the longest window period currently taking into account antigen testing?

Avatar universal
by welly81, Mar 10, 2010
Hi All, How accurate is the negative HIV AG/AB combo test after 31 days of the risk of infection? Any one can help?

Avatar universal
by Vance2335, Mar 10, 2010
This is not a forum for Q&A, this is the Dr posting a journal for people to read and get information from. If you have questions post in the free community or pay to post in one of the expert communities.

Avatar universal
by ssedmond, Apr 05, 2010
Thanks doc!
information help me a lot.

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by Udasin, May 24, 2010
Thx doctor for for your explanation. But I want to know test of HIV Antibody 1 & 2(Elisa) and Rapid test (Capillus Method) after 1year of possible exposure is how much reliable in country like Bangladesh. What is the chance of false negative   after one year of possible exposure.

Avatar universal
by MK716, Sep 08, 2010
How reliable is a home access hiv test? is a 6 month window enough?

Avatar universal
by Vance2335, Sep 08, 2010
This is not Q&A.

Avatar universal
by Eagle9, Dec 09, 2010
Dear Dr. Jose,
I took an HIV Combi test 6 weeks after exposure and my result was NEGATIVE with 0.137 CO signal. Do i have to repeat the test again after another 6 weeks to be sure 100%? Or the Combi test is perfectly accurate?  
A doctor told me that i should have wait for at least 2 months to take the combi test... But as i have read in the internet, HIV combi test reduces the window period to 28 days...Please advice doctor...
Thanks in advance

Best regards,

Avatar universal
by Dinahoholo, Jan 06, 2011
I was multi blood transfused on november 2008, and have never exposed myself to risky behaviour since then, i went for elisha and western blot test on december 2010 which both showed apositive reactive tests, i then went for viral load dna which came out as undetectable and i have never used any arv's, how is it possible that am truly hiv positive?

Avatar universal
by Raffique, Feb 02, 2011
Are there poeple who can evade all hiv testing i.e test negative all the time whilst really positive outside of the demarkated window period? Carriers?

Avatar universal
by worriedstudent12345, Feb 24, 2011
So, if I am in America and I order a PCR test done at LabCorp, then may I receive a conclusive result at 8 days post exposure?

Avatar universal
by riden, Mar 01, 2011
=) soo..nc info...

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by rejesh796, Mar 15, 2011
Before 3 years(12.11.2007) i had an unsafe sex with an prostitute ... after few months black spots started to appear in my penis.... so i made  an blood test  for HIV(24.09.2008) and its result is non reactive .... and again a made HIV blood test recently on( 29.12.2010) and its result is also non reactive..... but still black spots on my penis remains same......

Is this  a symptom of HIV?

Avatar universal
by ngulu, Mar 20, 2011
Dr where do we get this HIV test in south africa?

Avatar universal
by krizner, Mar 28, 2011
great information!

best regards

Avatar universal
by polly557, Apr 01, 2011
I am so sorry,I don't know much about HIV,so do the test.
I just want to provide a place stdchatting.con to HIV, if they want to have a date or make friends with more people .

Avatar universal
by Shearer77, Apr 03, 2011
tx doc.

Just to clarify "For Modern third generation tests will identify well over 99% of newly infected HIV positive people at 6 weeks after exposure..."

Does a negative test using oraquick swap at 5 weeks & 4 days in line with above statement?
Or do I have to go for another test after 6 weeks to have the over 99% assurance?

Appreciate with thanks!

Avatar universal
by lyn362, Apr 17, 2011
rapid test.... how and when to use it .... is it accurate after 3 weeks exposure..?

Avatar universal
by carlos57, Apr 26, 2011
I have been exposed to sexual transmitted diseases, It has been 3 weeks since my last sexual encounter (the encounter that I am actually worried about).... I was wondering, what is the actual name for the HIV test that tests within 7 days...and if it can apply to me, taking into account that it has been 3 weeks from my last encounter. If this fast and accurate method exists where can I request it?

Avatar universal
by smith125, May 05, 2011

Avatar universal
by kumaka, May 06, 2011

Avatar universal
by achampagne29, May 16, 2011
Testing at 5 weeks with a combo test. How accurate was that?

Avatar universal
by jjs123, Jun 12, 2011
I have been tested at 5 weeks post possible exposure with the nhs iam told by them at the results which were neqative that they would mostly pick up an hiv infection in a tested person at 4 weeks post exposure,is this a fourth gen test they did on me then??

Avatar universal
by name24, Jun 17, 2011
him strange atg p24 my is negativ but viral load is 334 000 so how can be possible , what mesure pcr?

Avatar universal
by smith125, Jul 24, 2011
HIV-1 RNA, Qualitative TMA (Early Detection test in US) (Discuss with your Doctor)


Avatar universal
by Smo820929, Sep 16, 2011
What are the causes of false hiv negative and positive results?

Avatar universal
by hottiboy, Oct 01, 2011
This is not a Q&A forum.

Avatar universal
by scaredtodeathHSVHIV, Nov 03, 2011
Is a NEGATIVE p24 ANTIGEN test a good sign. This was my result at 3 1/2 weeks post exposure....Not exactly 4 weeks, so I'm scared. But at 25 Days post exposure....So I'm not sure if I can trust this result. I've developed a rash now and I'm at 6 weeks post exposure. PLEASE HELP

Avatar universal
by worriedalot399, Nov 08, 2011
I have got tested HIV DUO negetive at 26 days and 40 days. please confirm if I need any other test.

Avatar universal
by Abcforever, Nov 15, 2011
Well explained doctor, thanks

Avatar universal
by realyworried1, Nov 15, 2011
Can anybody here provide info about the accuracy or reliability of test by Triline method thats done in India? Have any of the experts/doctors here seen any individual whose test returned negative at 6-8 weeks turn positive later?

It would be great if you can post your reply in my question in the below link


Avatar universal
by RainLover71, Nov 15, 2011
The best Hiv test is the one you take that says your negative at 12 weeks.Elisa Antibody Test.

Avatar universal
by mandie772, Nov 15, 2011
4th  generation  test are  supposed  to  be  reliable  havent  seen  anyone  mention  that  test in  this  discussion what  is  the  elisa  test getitright77

366749 tn?1544695265
by diver58, Dec 17, 2011
Excellent article.

Avatar universal
by RainLover71, Dec 18, 2011
I am a huge fan of the HIV DUO and Dr Garcia has explained how effective it is and how reliable it is aswell.Excellent work doctor.It's really sad when people just won't accept the facts about Hiv tests used for early detection.

Avatar universal
by freylim, Dec 18, 2011
True for getutright77 the best test is a duo test but elisa test is worlwide use.

Avatar universal
by Healthlogic, Dec 19, 2011
PCR testing explained by a lab technician


HIV DUO Combo Test for P24 Antigen offered by SED labs in New Mexico. You can order this through your doctor or at www.anylabtestnow.com


First approved ANTIGEN/ANTIBODY test by FDA in Sep 2010


HIV/HCV NAT by PCR (FDA#1636 Approved by FDA for donor screening - Roche Cobas Amplicor - RNA testing for early detection) test cost around $100. Can be ordered by a physician or www.anylabtestnow.com in South Florida


Roche Cobas Amplicor Instrument explained

HIV-1 Assay,COBAS Ampliscreen HIV-1 Test FDA#1636 for donor screening



Quest lab For HIV diagnosis before seroconversion and should be verified after 12 weeks if positive by Westernblot and EIA

Clinical Use
1. Diagnose human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) infection prior to seroconversion
2. Confirm HIV-1 infection in patients who test positive for HIV-1 antibody
3. Resolve inconclusive HIV-1 antibody test results


Avatar universal
by hmlhml1, Jan 12, 2012
so is the HIV PCR test at 21 days a good test to take for detection of HIV?

Avatar universal
by anonymous236, Jan 12, 2012
I have a similar question - is HIV RNA testing at 21 days and 61 days conclusive?

Avatar universal
by d523, Jan 16, 2012
can u still pick up the hiv virrus after you been on arv for more than 3years with a blood test?

Avatar universal
by ramiqaysar220, Jan 17, 2012
hello doctor, can i do the DUO test AB-AG 12 weeks after exposure???
the thing that i don't understand that some websites say that a duo test will not work after 29 days of exposure. meantime the doctor at the lab told me that the best test they offer is the (Human immunodeficiency virus 1&2 Ag/Ab serum)
Please help me doctor, do i need to test again, i took that test 3 moths after exposure and it came back back negative.

Avatar universal
by RainLover71, Jan 18, 2012
To ramiqaysar220,what are you talking about? A DUO at 29 days is excellent and 99.89% accurate.

Avatar universal
by sali342, Jan 18, 2012
after 18 days - HIV 1 and 2 antibodies and p24 antigen test was negative for me. how much is its reliability?

Avatar universal
by fruitbat30, Jan 28, 2012
hey doc can u buy a hiv test from the chemist plz help

Avatar universal
by jvmcgee, Feb 02, 2012
is home bio hiv urine test accurate

Avatar universal
by DACH1979, Feb 29, 2012
Dear Doctor,
After exposure
I had test on 23rd day,  hiv ag ab = (-) ve
on 28th day, architect hiv ag/ab combo = (-) ve
on 30th day, hiv ag ab = (-) ve.
Are these tests conclusive?
Or I need to have more tests. Kindly suggest me because I am facing lot of mental stress. Thanks in advance.


Avatar universal
by nordekman, Mar 11, 2012
when ELISA 2nd gen can conclusive result?
my result at 10 weeks by ELISA 2nd gen is negative, can result change after 14 weeks test

how accurate and conclusive result by ELISA 2nd gen?

i waiting comment from Dr. Jose Gonzalez-Garcia or RainLover71 or Vance2335 or someone expert about this

2199743 tn?1340325927
by prempavan, Jun 16, 2012
hello doctor, can i do the Hiv Dou Ultra test 12 weeks after exposure???

Avatar universal
by Anon__, Jun 27, 2012
Dr jose, firstly thank you. Yourself and Dr Cummings have been a great help to me even though I have never actually spoken to either of you I find comfort in your words. I had unprotected oral sex I prformed on male. During the act I bit my lip on the inside causing it to bleed but did not realise until after. The was no ejaculation. This was around Aug/Sept 2011. I had a duo test preformed by my GP on jan 4th 12 negative and repeted the test on Feb 17th 12 again negative. Now in June I am wanting to test again. Do you think I need to or not. I have had so many symptoms since nov / dec 11 and am very scared please help if you can?

2199743 tn?1340325927
by prempavan, Jun 28, 2012
HIV duo ultra test result is positive OR Negative?????

Index of antibody =0.07
Index of P24 Antigen =0.00
Threshold and interpretation of result:
Index i interpretation
i less than0.25 Non-reactive for Antigen (P24)And Antibody
i grater than0.25 Reactive for Antigen (P24) Or Antibody

Avatar universal
by StealthVirusCCID, Sep 12, 2012
Which test is preferable at ~ 6 weeks post possible exposure, a PCR or a DUO-Combo test, or does it not matter?

Avatar universal
by Ozx, Sep 23, 2012
Hi, how accurate is an Elisa's test 25 days post exposure? Still waiting on my RNA test results.

Avatar universal
by Ozx, Sep 23, 2012
Hi, how accurate is an Elisa's test 25 days post exposure? Still waiting on my RNA test results.

Avatar universal
by Sycomore, Nov 18, 2012
The Doc says, that the 3rd generation ELISA will be ANTIBODY-positive in 99 % of all cases. But does this mean, that the 4th generation ELISA would be also ANTIBODY-positive in the this short time period? I've read that the 4th generation is less sensitive than the 3rd generation ELISA! Is this true?

THX to everybody answering me!

Avatar universal
by bulldogg74, Jan 15, 2013
My girlfriend tested hiv positive but I still get negative results months after,it is possible?

Avatar universal
by nickname0007, Jan 18, 2013
I tested HIV duo ultra test at 26th day after risk of exposure. Result - Negative (Ab-0.07 and Ag - ND) (Negative <0.25 for Ag or Ab). Should I need to test next time? And when? How about the HIV duo ultra test? I am so worry . Please help me , doctor.

Avatar universal
by canadianchamp, Feb 23, 2013
after 8-14 years ago possible risk factor, ELISA, AG/AB test, and NATT RNA testing negative but weird symptoms. I have heard of situations where one is in latent stage/AIDS and all tests are negative, is this true or can I stop worrying

Avatar universal
by hanuman9478, Nov 14, 2013
on 29-7-2013 i gone through the tests called tridot and vdrl then the results are non reactive,after 3 months i,e on 1-11-2013 i again went to the lab and undergone the same tests and got the same result i,e non reactive,does these tests gives the accurate results or not i am totally confuced and feeling nervous with weird symptoms.in future is this going to affect my life or can i stop worrying about it.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz suggest me sir i am begging u.

Avatar universal
by AJNR, Dec 16, 2013
HIV 1&2 abs result is non reactive. this test result get within 2 hours. which method of test is this?

Avatar universal
by Falcao, Feb 07, 2014

"This HIV test is licensed in the EU for use after 28 days after a possible exposure. It is probably much better than this and will probably identify the majority of newly infected HIV positive individuals at between 14 and 21 days."

Im planning to take a DUO test at 2 weeks (15 days) how accurate do you think this would be in case of a negative? I know there is no precise data but I wanted to know if saying 80% would be ok?


Avatar universal
by tagda, Feb 15, 2014
Hello Doctor,

I had the possible exposure on 11th December, 2013, first and last exposure. I got my RAPID HIV 1 & 2 test done with in 2-3 weeks I was tested negative. I got the lady also tested for the same and she also tested Negative in the same test.

I have gone through the another test after 51 Days 2nd Feb, 2014 of exposure and i tested Negative. I am still worried; i would say depressed. Every thing in my body, i feel is happening because of the HIV.

Please let me know how accurate is the RAPID test and how much should i worry about things in this situation.


Avatar universal
by Elie87, Mar 23, 2014
Hi doc i had unprotected sex with a girl at 8-2-214 and 14-2-2014 i done my pcr rna 20 days after the second relation and after 30 days i done an elisa test and after on 17-3-2014 i redone the elisa test all test was negative,how mush is those test is accurate in ur opinion  ? Ty doc

Avatar universal
by candawlan, Mar 26, 2014
hi doctor i think i expose with hiv so on 39 days i do pcr arn and hiv 1/2 and antigen p 24 and on 60 days i do hiv 1/2 and antigen p 24 again and all is negative so i have to more test or not?

Avatar universal
by akkiakki, Apr 29, 2014
how accurate result can immunochromatography test give post exposure to hiv in the 12th week?

Avatar universal
by johndoe34, Aug 17, 2014
my hiv test came back as pending. what does that mean?

Avatar universal
by anxiety65, Aug 22, 2014
doctor what a great explanation.  I had protect vaginal sex with a sex worker.  I also performed oral on her.  7 days later I took a labcorp RNA test with negative results.  3 weeks after exposure I have a rapid test, also negative.  22 days later I developed a fever 101 and chills.  my doctor says that only after three months can you confirm a negative test.  Is that correct?

Avatar universal
by cool_coolax, Aug 26, 2014
I am a married male aged 32 yrs from India. 3.5 months ago i had unsafe sex with a female sex worker - though it was not a complete intercourse. Inserted her for just 1 - 2 min and then pulled back with the fear of STD's. Afterwards lot of stress related to HIV surrounded me. I did not take any PEP or had no earlier medication. I got my P24 test done 72 hours after exposure - results were negative. I also got HIV antibody test of that female sex worker done 5 days after my exposure - she tested negative. I further repeated my P24 done 21 days after exposure - results were again negative. I got HIV antibody & VDRL test done after 102 days of exposure - results were negative. The problem is I developed Balanoposthitis  (as diagnosed by 2 reputed local dermatologists)almost 2 days after intercourse with my wife and almost 75 days  of my unsafe exposure with the female sex worker. Did I get Balanoposthitis from female sex worker? Is this Balanoposthitis a sign of HIV infection? Now that I am negative 3 months after exposure, can I be sure that I do not have HIV? Why this Balanoposthitis appear 7 years after my marraige? Barring this one incident of unsafe sex with female sex worker, I never had any physical relation with any body other than my wife. My wife was already tested for HIV at the time of her motherhood and she was negative. I not diabetic - got my blood sugar checked after balanoposthitis. Do I need to repeat HIV antibody test after 6 months of exposure? How long does it take for balanoposthitis to cure? Please help me out of this suicidal dilemma. I will be highly obliged!!

11572166 tn?1419504570
by vikram0083, Dec 24, 2014
Sir I am 24 years old a male soldier. I am eating food a HIV patient in a one spoon.some time later I have tonsils and fever I am testing HIV rapid after 10 weeks and again 13 weeks but result negative 15 week after I am testing HIV antibody combo test reasult is non reactive 0.03.and I am test viral load HIV quantitative real time pcr reasut is target not detected .but feel voamting any time I loss wait 6kg but wait is increased after some time my cd4 500 count .please advise me swelling lymph nodes and fungal infection in mouth white tongue.nail change color are yellow and brown and chipped my foot toe nail

Avatar universal
by Messi100, Feb 28, 2015
Hy, i am 19 years old overseas student in australia. I had a unprotected oral sex for 1 minute with a prostitute and protected vaginal sex . After 5 days i had another protected vaginal sex and protected oral sex with another prostitute. At 5th week i noticed a first symptom , which was unknown cold sensation in the body which never happened before . Then i had a first check up at 5 th week and was negative. After that in sixth week i noticed white spots and linear marks in my hand and leg . I have diarohoe , fatigue and my tongue has been white coates with dots. I have possibly every symptoms of hiv . And i again got tested after 8 week and again negative but i got tested positive for hepatitis a.
Long linear marks in my body is increasing and even appearing on my face. Help me doctor, am i hiv positive? Is 8 week test just a waste? My body is getting lot of long lines which is increasing and i read it is an neurological effect of hiv

Avatar universal
by greattoknow, Jun 24, 2015
exposure 3 years ago the most recent was December 2013 July I took rapid oral negative January I took rapid finger pick negative March I took rapid finger pick negative and also drew blood for fourth generation test non reactive then again in may 28 2015 another finger pick test negative and finally in June 21,2015 rapid finger pick negative are my results conclusive or should I test again

Avatar universal
by JamesD1991, Jun 24, 2015
Vance has already stated this is not a Q&A forum.  If you would like some help, please start your own thread in the HIV Prevention forum.

Avatar universal
by sara601360, Oct 13, 2015
Dear Dr , jose
I have PCR RNA (method: real time pcr) test ater three years of sex, the result was negative.
I blieve the result aftar three years whith PCR  ,I need to do it more than on time to make sure its not fals.
and I need to do with antibody test again? is it true?

Avatar universal
by nepalbanda, Oct 16, 2015
Hello dr.
I had done HIV ANTIBODY test from blood serum one year after exposure...is this test enough to conclude that i dnt have HIV or i need to retest it ???

Avatar universal
by Rohaaan, Dec 28, 2015
Hello Sir,

Thank you for helping us by providing the knowledge of HIV.
I am 23 I had unprotected sex with a male partner around 2 months ago. I have tested my HIV 1 & 2 on 2nd Dec 2015 which was non reactive as well I was suffering from Thermosotopia ( Viral disease reduces Platelates, having rashes, High fiver, Head ache ) at the same time I noticed that their was a lymph node on my neck which is painless. On 20th Dec 2015 I have tested  HIV 1 & 2 again and this time the results were reactive, and the Tridot test was Non Reactive. on 25th Dec I have given my blood samples for HIV early detection profile(>2 yrs). I will be greatfull to hear some advice from you... am I HIV patient..?? can I be dependent on Tridot test result..??

Thank You.

Avatar universal
by Kissablelips06, Jan 13, 2016
Hello doc, Is it possible to have hiv without high fever, vomiting and nightsweats but i also experience different symptoms like sorethroat, swollen lypm nodes in armpit for 3days, then i had today diarrhea, rashes in the body looks moquito bites kindly itchy at night,blurred vision and fatique.  pls doc im very stress and frustated now i had Eclia test and the result is 0.398 non reactive for 5 weeks and 4days exposure.

Avatar universal
by MorganLaFey, Mar 25, 2016
I was date raped 12/14 and just 5 months prior I had been tested from ax stds included (invasive ER doc over abdominal pain,he found a tumor) but after u was raped 2 months later I started having "problems". Post menopausal bleeding w/ clots dark & bright & horrible pain. No appetite,weak,flu like(have hep c) but worse. Now I'm gaining wait & barely eating at all! Arm pain & wrist pain like I've been beating a rubber tire w/ a metal bat.cysts in my nose & ears,dry cough, painful blisters on my waist in back. I'm afraid... What do I do? I've been celibate since. Was then,too. Any advice?

Avatar universal
by MorganLaFey, Mar 25, 2016
I meant I was tested from A to Z and the ER doc was an el pinyon ! It is a small town ER with a horrible facility & personnel!

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