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Update on OB appointment...I am having a monster boy! :)

Mar 04, 2010 - 0 comments

So, after my terrible appointment with my midwife last week, I called my OB and told her what happened. She was NOT happy at all!! She schedule me an appointment for Monday (March 1st) and I also went in for my final :( ultrasound that day. The baby looks GREAT!!! He is squirming around as much as he can and my fluid levels and everything is good. The only thing is....I think I'm having a monster!!! I know that u/s weights can be WAY off, but at 35 weeks they are estimating him at 7 pounds 2 oz!!! I just can't believe it!!! He's HUGE!!! I don't go back until the 15th, which should put me at 37 weeks...not sure if OB is going to do an internal exam or not, still might be a little early, but the u/s tech and the other doctor I saw did comment on the contractions I was having. I get one or two "Good" contractions an hour, and the rest and very mild, so no worry about going just yet. Only 31 more days until my due date!!!!!!

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