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Jul 12, 2008 - 0 comments

Well we just adopted a cat today. Female, blue cat, shes 6 years old. I am glad I was able to take a cat into a home, she seems very shy right now just been hiding under the bed. I cant wait for her to get use to everything so I can have a cat here with me. I always loved having my old cat around and now having another one is great! I have been looking online for great deals on used baby stuff and it seems I have been getting lucky. I won 2 bids on ebay on great deals on clothes and I have been getting great deals with two other ladies and even got a bag of new born clothes for free :) I go on to Kijiji and people put free ads up, now I cant wait to move next weekend. Im so excited. I am also getting a stroller with a car seat and car seat base used for only 25 bucks nice for me since we dont have alot of money right now. My aunt is bringing a bunch of stuff down for me in the next month or so and I am going to be able to get some baby stuff off of her and as well as some things for my pregnant friend christina which she is having a boy and thats what my aunt has. I hope I can get a free bed too, since beds can be so expensive, I have been seeing alot of ads that are free. :) I love this right now. Dylan just went to pick up his daughter, we are going to go swimming tomorrow thankfully, havent yet, as long as the pool is open. I never went much last year and me being pregnant and everything it will feel so much nicer. So I have been feeling good for the last few days which is great!

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