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Lipitor Journal

Mar 04, 2010 - 1 comments


Began Lipitor today

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by danbloom, Apr 24, 2010
I ask because the Lipitor fullpage ads in national magazines say DO NOT BREAK TABLETS and they Lipitor website from Pfizer also says on the meds page DO NOT BREAK TABLETS but my doctor told me to break the 10 mg tabs in half and take just half each day. I wrote to Lipitor's PR department in NYC, a very polite letter, and they so far refuse to answer my emails, preferring to stonewall me, er, pillwall, me, which I do not understand why they would do that. I am a customer. I buy their pills. And they will not answer my simple question. I told Pfizer if they do not answer my polite consumer qusetions I will go to the New York Times and ask for a big news story about this to be written. PR should serve the customer, no? Or is Pfzier so big that they think the patients do not matter.

Reason i ask is my own cardiologist said it is OKAY to break the tabs in half, he even gave me a free pill cutter to cut the tabs, and said either the pill cutter or manually breaking them into two pieces is OKAY and he has been advising patients about this for over 5 years and that HE HIMSELF DID NOT EVEN KNOW of this rule, and he said maybe Pfizer doesn't want customers to save money, that it might all be a bottom line thing. Could that be true? I can't believe a pharm firm would but profits ahead of patients. So i made a blog and I am going to the New York Times with the story too, because Pfizer should not treat patients this way. Am I right or am I wrong? Please tell me before I have another heart attack! SMILE

Kidding: but see my blog here:

the advert appeared in Atlantic Monthly magazine, huge two page color ad, that is expensive, that's alot of money to tell people DO NOT BREAK THE TABLETS.

PS: another doctor told me has been prescribing Lipitor for many years and never heard of this rule either.

What could the reason be for DO NOT BREAK THE TABLETS? A medical reason, like oxygen weakens the power of the meds? Or money? PLEASE DISH.

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