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MS, tremors, double vision, blindness, diagnosis, foot drop, eye patch, eye occlusion, fatigue, heat

Dec 17, 2007 - 1 comments



talking to people


helping people


MS news

I am a 49 year old single mother of three kids.

I have been dealing with MS for the past 12 yeasrs and was finally dxd in 2003.

I do a lot of reading (whenever my vision allows it) of anything and everythin.  Lately, I have been reading wonderful stories of how they were diagnosed, and I can identify myself with them.

I work as a floor supervisor in a Federal Agency, my biggest group so far was the one who had 76 people under my supervision.  I like my job and definitely helping others.

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by Melissa072, Feb 20, 2008
I would have thought having both tests clear that ms was more unlikely, some have said this, I thought what one test didn't show the other did, this whole thing confused me, thanks for your post will let you know what neuro says when he calls, if he calls....................................... Melissa

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