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Progress & getting married!! :)

Mar 06, 2010 - 0 comments

i am so happy..things are finally picking up and everything is going by so fast now!! i thought i had so much time and now that i'm 28 weeks and just starting the nursery i feel like i am running out!! but so far we have her bedding, a crib, various decorations and things that go with her bedding (picture frames, lampshades, mobile, hamper, etc...) today DF is painting the room...i'm not allowed to help, because it is in the basement and there are no windows, just a door. but DF is so cute, because we were preparing the room to be painted, moving things out and stuff. he got so mad at me for picking up my tv. which is a flat screen, and somewhat small, so very lightweight. and then when he had started painting and i was upstairs i was carrying a laundry basket with clothes and a few more thing in it, and he came upstairs and got so mad at me for picking that up too. he told me i better stop picking up things.
but  OH and we are getting married monday!! but we're not taking much of a honeymoon right now, we're staying in very nice hotel for 2 nights. which im so not complaining, because it is one of the nicest in our city and has 24 hour room service (half the reason i picked it. :) ) but the actual honeymoon is coming later, after ariana is born. who knows where we'll go? maybe st. lucia, st. thomas, something out of the country... but i cannot wait for that, and for monday
...since we're living with my parents, the room i am sleeping in now is doubling as her room. so we're putting a tan color/caramel on the walls that is the same as a color in her bedding, and my bedding is dark brown which also matches a color in her bedding, etc...everything will hopefully match so well when we're done. DF has been sleeping in an upstairs room for awhile, so i can't wait to share a room with him. hopefully i'll find a way to fit his things in the closet. :/ that could be a clothes are somewhat taking over right now.
but anyways just wanted to update!! hope everything is well with everyone!

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