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Mar 06, 2010 - 2 comments

i am going crazy with this pain in my chest
I am only 2 days into taking the previcid I havent seen any change at all
I feel so sleepy and weak at all times its hard for me to get up and doing anything
I have changed the way I eat just trying to help if this is acid reflux which I really dont
think it is. I think they are wrong I am really scared that is something wrong with my heart
I have had 3 EKGs now and stress test , ultra sound, the heart thing I had on for a day and a half
tons of blood work and still nothing they havent found anything wrong with it. How do I stop thinking
that it is my heart how many trests do I need to show me that its not my heart?????
I am driving my husband crazy He has been really great through this whole thing but he is really sick of
me saying that it is my heart. I just want mt life back I just wanna get un in the morning and be pain free
and just feel good. to be able to eat with out any sick to my stomach feelings or any sharper pains.
I will pray again tonight that I will wake up pain free.
so so so so sad

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by Jade59, Mar 07, 2010
Hi :)  

Have you had an endoscopy done to check for ulcers?  You sound like me several years ago.  I was dx'd with duodenal ulcers and hospitalized for 5days.  It was the most pain and nausea I've ever been in, in my entire life.  The pain in the chest is incredible.  Yes, it make take a few days for the previcid to work, but what also help is to eat very soft bland foods...for weeks.  Like jello, applesauce, yoghurt, bananas, apple juice (yes, it's all very boring)...and you must eat every 2hrs to keep something in your stomach to keep the acid down.  Oh, and something like chicken or beef broth.  Stay away from citrus fruit and fatty foods.  And chew your food REALLY well until it's mush in your mouth.  The more saliva there is mixed with your food, the better for digestion.  I was put on Prilosec 2xday at first, but now I just take one in the morning and even 2 1/2yrs later, I have to be very careful what I eat.

I do hope you feel better.  I can so relate :(

242912 tn?1402543492
by Jade59, Mar 07, 2010
Oh, and I meant to tell you...once the pain gets so out of control, now your esophagus is burned by all that acid so you might be hurting for some time, but after 2-4wks you should start to feel some relief with the previcid and especially if you really watch what you eat.  If you take your acid reducer just once a day, you may want to consider morning and evening.  My gastro also had me taking Mylanta/ Maalox in between, but that must be taken Several Hours AFTER the previcid.  

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