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Home sweet Home---post surgery

Mar 06, 2010 - 6 comments

Thyroid Cancer




post op

Thyroidectomy went off without a hitch on Tuesday morning at 7:30am. The doctor said everything went great...went a little longer than planned (originally said it would be about 3 hours and ended up being 5) He did say though that my lymphnodes were quite swollen and he removed some to test if the cancer had spread...he said he wouldn't really be surprised if it had because of how swollen they were...eek!  Also,  I had a horrible reaction to the anesthesia. As soon as I woke up from the surgery I started vomiting. I proceeded to vomit for the next 16 hours. I wasn't able to get a room to myself because the hospital was completely full. There were 20 of us waiting for a room and we were all whisked away to Same Day Admitting until a room became available. I was pretty sore just out of surgery but the constant vomiting only made the pain worse. By wed afternoon I was feeling a bit better. I managed to keep down the Beef broth I was given for lunch. The pain was still pretty bad. Still found it hard to swallow. Had this constant feeling of something in my throat. Wednesday night I started coughing pretty badly. Coughing up a ton of phlegm, which they said was a good thing.I had a bunch of stuff in my lungs that needed to come out. After I got through all of that, I decided to try eating a popcicle and then the vomiting started once again. Because I was still sick they had me stay until Thursday evening. I was sooo glad to finally be coming home though, I hardly got any sleep in the hospital. a room never opened up so I was stuck in SDA for the entire stay and every patient that was moved to the bed next to me had sleep apnea and constant snoring. As soon as my head hit my pillow at home, I knocked out for 11 hours....aaaaahhhhhhh.

I still have a pretty bad cough at night, I have been sucking on cough drops to keep it under control when I'm trying to sleep. I was able to shower today HALLELUJAH!  The pain has not been bad at all today, only when I cough or sneeze. Sneezing HURTS!

I have a post-op on Monday to go over my lymphnodes results.

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1182559 tn?1305787988
by DianaLozano, Mar 06, 2010

My Surgeon just sent me an email:

"Hi Diana

Hope you are recovering well from your surgery. Your pathology came back and we had taken 24 lymph nodes but none of them showed cancer(all the nodes were negative). Your tumor was a papillary cancer 2 cm in size and your margins were clear. Just I thought I'll let you know the good news!. Take care. We'll see you Monday"

whoohoo clear lymph nodes :)

1058524 tn?1285187240
by Justi_has_a_booboo, Mar 07, 2010
Wow we match LOL Glad to hear all went well and you have no spread! I hope you feel 110% soon!

1168110 tn?1272682317
by LauriewithMAD, Mar 09, 2010
I am so happy to hear such great news!!!!
And I am glad that you are home, safe and sound.  Nothing beats your own bed in your own home!!!
It must have sucked big time, to stay in SDA the whole time.  I would have been so frustrated!  
Anyhow, wont keep ya
Get lots of rest, and take care
Laurie  AKA  LuLu

1182559 tn?1305787988
by DianaLozano, Mar 11, 2010
I just got my pathology report from the doctor. He was really surprised but happy that my lymph nodes came back clear. He said he removed 24 really swollen lymph nodes.  

Here is my report:

A.Parathyroid Biopsy superior- small benign lymph node

B. Thyoid- total thyoidectomy
     1) Papillary carcinoma
     2) Tumor Location: isthmus, right lobe and left lobe.
     3) Greatest tumor dimension 2.0 cm
     4) no vascular invasion is identified
     5) No tumor necrosis is identified
     6) No extrathyoid extension is identified
     7) Surgical margins free of tumor
     8) Nonneoplastice thyoid showing HASHIMOTO'S THYROIDITIS.
     9) Eighteen attached lymph nodes with reactive follicular hyperplasia no evidence of metastasis

I am starting to feel the effects of not being on my levothroid. ...body aches are starting up pretty bad and constant fatigue. I lost 5 pounds while in the hospital and gained 3 pounds of it back. BOO. My calcium levels came back normal so I don't have to be on medication for that.

393685 tn?1425812522
by stella5349, Mar 11, 2010
Good Luck Diana,

1058524 tn?1285187240
by Justi_has_a_booboo, Mar 11, 2010
HASHIMOTO'S yeah my report was about the same. I say Hashi's is Godzilla and my thyroid was Japan! Just take it as easy as you can each day, rest lots, warm blankets, heating pads and mots of movies :) XOXO

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