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Overcoming a lot...

Sep 19, 2015 - 1 comments

Since March of 2014 I have been through nothing but fear and more fear. Fear of my health because I started to become so dizzy I could not even stand... I was almost passing out... As soon as I learned of vestibular disorders I knew my life was in for a big change.  Anxiety set in again on me and started to make my life miserable. I hate it but maybe one day when the dizziness ends I will be able to really appreciate life again.  The best times of my life were just a few years ago. And I intend on having more good times in my life like that.  Keep me in your thoughts everyone as I try to live day to day without these bad thoughts and struggle through these conditions.

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by specialmom, Sep 19, 2015
Hi there.  Do you see an ENT?  I had a horrible bout with vertigo a few years ago and it was suggested to me that my inner ear was out of whack.  The ENT had me doing reverse nose pops (hold nose, blow and your ears will pop).  I did them over and over again and things righted themselves.  I have not had dizziness since.  

The vestibular system can be over sensitive or under sensitive.  I have a son with sensory issues and his is under sensitive (why he spins and doesn't get dizzy) and mine can be oversensitive (if I sit on a swing for 3 minutes, I get dizzy).  

But I wonder if you are not having inner ear issues.  I go that route to see if this can be overcome to rule that out.  good luck

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