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After years of struggling, the DX is Chiari 1 Anomaly.

Sep 19, 2015 - 0 comments

Chiari 1


chiari 1 malformation



Something had changed over the course of a few months, I started to notice it when the migraines/headaches got worse. They were persistent, chronic. My head felt "strange", and my vision seemed different. I noticed while on the phone talking to patients that my speech started to slur, or I couldn't find the words that I needed to say. My eyes would have a short, sudden spasm. And then the heaviness and aches in the back of my head; the occipital region. I pushed away the thoughts that something was off. I ignored the weird symptoms, thinking that maybe I was just tired and stressed after a long day at work. I believed nothing was wrong, I'm fine.

But something was wrong. The headaches continued to get worse and I tried OTC and RX remedies to no avail. I suggested the MRI, wondering if I should go along with it. I didn't want to come out of pocket for a copay, and I came so close to canceling it a couple of times. I sucked it up and went in. I was expecting a normal MRI. And that's what my PCP told me, normal, except that there was an incidental finding, Chiari 1 Anomaly.

I made the mistake of hiding all my symptoms from everyone. My husband wasn't aware of all my symptoms, I didn't think much of some of them...I didn't even tell my PCP. I just told him the headaches/migraines were getting out of control. I never heard of this malformation before so I had to do some research. It seems that there isn't much information out there. But after learning about this, I was a bit upset. I had been suffering for years. I felt like I had become a burden to my family. I didn't feel the same at all...and every symptom that I've been having lately points to this malformation. It scares me...I haven't spoken to a specialist yet. I don't even know where to start. I just know that I am in pain and it has affected my quality of life. It has gotten worse these past few months. Something needs to be done...

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