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Having an anxiety attack today

Mar 08, 2010 - 0 comments

Having an anxiety attack today, this one seems to have been brought on by guilt (self-imposed). I'm making plans to meet a friend for lunch in a couple of days and my husband asked if he could go too. I told him I'd prefer some time alone with my friend. He completely understood and was supportive but ever since then I can't get my anxiety under control. It's so weird. I feel guilty for wanting to do something without him, but he's not the one making me feel that way, I am. Another racing thought/worry I'm having right now is that I will not be able to take time for myself. I don't really get any days just to myself where I can do whatever I want, because my husband and I always do things together. I was hoping I would get more time when he went back to school but that didn't happen because he goes to school while I'm at work. even called in several days just so I could have some time to myself. I am panicking, thinking that I am being suffocated or that I can't have any of my own time, but I'm the only one making me feel this way. It's like I'm afraid to tell him I need time because I feel guilty about it!

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