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Week 70

Mar 08, 2010 - 0 comments

It's the final countdown to the end of treatment for my husband.  It's hard to believe the treatment started in Nov 2008.  How does time manage to drag its feet and fly all at the same time?
I have to say, I've gotten to favor certain days of the week these last couple of years.  For the last year, the schedule has made me feel like the administrator of some bizarre, cruel-to-be-kind torture:
Sunday, procrit shot;
Monday, just pills (yeah!);
Tuesday, bloodwork;
Wednesday, procrit shot;
Thursday, pills only (yeah again!);
Friday, peg shot;
Saturday, husband is 'shot';
Sunday... it just starts all over again.

I AM ready for this treatment to be over, but it is not without some anxiety... it's time to give up the reigns, let nature take what course it may, and pray with all my might.  

And I have a confession to make:  part of me is envious of all those SVR people who never have to look back.   I face the reality that even with SVR, God-willing, the unchecked hcv virus has consumed so much of my husband's liver that the shadows of possible esld and recurrent hcc will most likely be forever present in our lives.  Regardless, at least we'll know he gave both adversaries the fight of his life with all he (and modern medicine) had in the arsenal.  Amen.

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