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darn pain

Mar 08, 2010 - 2 comments

I don't know what the pain on the RUQ is . i intend to  have a party for the pain too, when i throw one for my thyroid.  I am sick of being sick.  the doctors even notice that i'm not crazy that when something is wrong, something is usually wrong. so, i'm hoping for the pain to be nothing.  GGT shows it's not the liver. could it be kidney?  isn't there where the kidney is located?  who knows?  i'm no damn doctor.  hell, even they are clueless to be honest.  graves disease is a type of auto immune disease, i wonder if it would mess up everything?  could it be?  just plain ole old age????

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by dragonfly757, May 04, 2010
welcome to the RUQ pain disorder group! I've had 14 months of RUQ pain (no gallbladder), been though every test imaginable and am still in daily pain. my gastro doc is sending me to John Hopkins...but i can't get in until July 16.
Lord almighty...
I take tramadol during the day and Vicodin at night. thank God I own the business or I'd get fired! lol
While I'm waiting for John Hopkins, I investigated the weight loss clinic.
they looked at my file and asked  why I never had an ERCP. had to search that one on google. so now i'm back to the gastro doc asking why we haven't done that. no word yet. I'm ready to do something. my PCP, primary care doc, said it was all psychosomatic so now I've had to find another doc. bummer. guess not being able to fix me made him irritable. bummer.
so I'm on the same journey. hang in there!

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by calpearl, Jun 05, 2010

I know your post is a month old but I was wondering what happened with your RUQ pain. I also had my gallbladder removed and am in the process of trying to find out why I have this pain. I am scheduled for another CAT scan on Thursday. So far, the digestive disease doc thinks it is my enlarged liver (NASH) but he said he wants to check out a few other things as he saw enlarged lymph nodes in my scan in February. With the Celiac Disease, who knows what is really going on. I am lucky that I found doctors who finally believe in me. I see so many that I forget who is who!

I hope you still read this MedHelp stuff as I really want to know how you are doing.

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