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January 2010 (Post Mayo)

Mar 09, 2010 - 0 comments

911 restroom visits; trouble with leaking. Eyes hurt. Ping-ponging symptoms: sharp pain right elbow, burning in left thigh. Pinky toe on left foot suddenly red and hot; other 4 normal. Index finger of right hand frequently freezing cold, yet other 4 normal. Trouble with dexterity in right hand; hurts.

Teeth chatter, then stop on and off daily. Hard time focusing on words while reading; page looks funny (like coming inside on a bright day and trying to focus immediately). Exhausted. Body frequently feels slow and heavy (like I'm wearing a weighted suit and trying to wade through molasses. Dropping things everywhere.Skin hurts, clothes hurt.

Right knee feels like there is a tens unit on it (buzzing), motion did not make it stop. Big red splotch (not raised) on right cheekbone - stayed for about an hour, then disappeared.

*Saw Neurologist for Dermatomyositis follow up - referred me to hospital to test for possible MS*

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