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February 2010

Mar 09, 2010 - 0 comments

Random cold patches; abdomen freezing cold with two flannel shirts on. Sharp zap on right side of neck when looked down (only once). Skipping letters when writing. Put iodine on a new cut and felt nothing. Hard time interpreting (dexterity issues). Still having pain on right side of abdomen along ribs; sometimes wraps around the side to the back. Increased trouble with leaking; sometimes feel like I can't "hold it".

Eyes skipping when tired, usually when reading. Increased balance problems on treadmill (can no longer swing arms when walking). Trouble focusing, especially after looking at a computer or TV screen.  Left hip/top of leg hurts when standing. If stand too fast, upper body will snap forward (almost fell over several times). Lasted for several days/a week, then disappeared. Horribly stiff when sitting over 5 to 10 minutes; can barely move.

- Had two whole days in here where I didn't feel TERRIBLE (whoopee :oP

Lots of headaches on and off for about a week. Hands shaking horribly (especially right). On 2/6 legs did not work at all for about an hour (stepped out of the truck and dropped straight down - legs just folded up). After, legs were shaky, but worked. Numbness in feet and hands (fingertips feel very funny). Decreased sensitivity to hot (can pick up Pyrex from microwave without a potholder now), but cold hurts unbearably.Hard time fingerspelling and using wrong sign too often. Big blanks on recalling specific words or people (sporadic), not the same as chemo brain. Stomach hurts; rumbling around like diarrhea, but not (stools pencil thin).

*MRI and bloodwork came back clear; re-referred to Mayo Clinic (Neurology Dept)*

Muscles burning on and off regularly; mostly legs, but sometimes in arm. Interspersed with sharp random pains (like someone stuck me with a pin or a turbo-charged static electricity "pop"). Took 30 minutes to peel an orange; thumbs painful and hands did not want to work right. Bad burning pain below right hip (groin?) Having trouble negotiating over and around stuff. "Listing" to one side before righting. BIG BAD chest pain (2nd time), felt like heart attack for a few minutes then just disappeared. Feel freezing cold; shivering with winter coat and gloves in the house, then suddenly hot. Hands cold on and off all the time; usually right hand (sometimes index only). Gloves do not help, nor does sitting on them (can feel coldness through jeans). Right shin felt as though someone was tapping on it, then stopped. Back pain on right side near the middle of back; feels like a new bruise with dull throbbing (?) Intense pain on right side again along bottom of rib cage (lasted a few minutes, disappeared, then reappeared on left side under ribs but with less intensity). Random itchy spots driving me nuts - hurts to scratch, and doesn't help. Itch abates on its own, then resurfaces somewhere else.

Interpreting Hamlet (movie) in very dark classroom and swiveling slightly from big screen to student. Eyes hurt; turned from screen to student and saw a bright flash with vertical R-B-G stripes in the corner of right eye (at first thought it was a "bad spot" in the movie). Happened 2 or 3 more times, then had to close eyes due to pain. Happened again the next day on a smaller scale (classroom not quite as dark) without the flash - just saw colors. Nail of right middle finger hurt; sent a "jolt" down through hand to wrist and disappeared.

Spasticity seems to have stopped (yay); stiffness and random pain still here. Tremors intensified to an intolerable degree (head nodding and shaking constantly), hands shaking so violently could hardly do anything. Stopped taking the Elavil - shakes still here, but not nearly as bad.

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