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lump on left side ,over ribs

Jul 13, 2008 - 2 comments

i have had this lump for almost a year, my doctor i saw in march, requested i go for an she was concerned as to what it is.
i have been to scared to go for this x ray, but the lump has got bigger and is painful at times , not always.
i suffer with acid reflux, and its bad no matter what i eat.
i had serious thyroid problems 5 years [ago it started].
i developed graves disease and had to have orbital decompression surgery. than eye muscle surgery to both eyes.
i was on 80mg of steroid tablets a day, and was given 300mg of ranitidine tablets to protect my stomach from the steroids.
now this lump, i have been in agony with a pain in my left shoulder and its radiated down my arm to my elbow.
now its moved to in between my shoulder blade.
today it has moved to my right shoulder.
the pain is intense and i cannot sleep with it.
My left ear is sore and i get swelling behind my ear also, my sinuses are a problem, as the decompression surgery involved cutting away the sinus membrane on both sides.
i have a cough as its due to nasal dripping irritating.
i have today though had severe pain in the middle of my chest, quite sharp spasms of pain.
could any of this be related.
finally i would like to add ,that my teeth are in poor condition and my back left upper wisdom tooth is loose and has caused pain and swelling.i is covered completeley in plaque as i dare not brush it in case it falls out and its painfull to touch.

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by Hwytaz, Feb 28, 2011
Bless your heart ignorance is not bliss as you can see go and go right away to a doctor, clinic what ever and get that checked out your fears are your worse enemy right now.
Be well

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by Hwytaz, Feb 28, 2011
Lack of dental care can also kill  

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