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Why are miscarrages so taboo?

Mar 09, 2010 - 0 comments




Why are miscarrages so taboo? its like when someone dies you can mourn with others but with a miscarrage your suppose to mourn by yourself? how does that work- I had a miscarrage i want to mourn like everyone else does with any other death yes i never had a viable baby but guess what it was suppose to be i was suppose to have a child but now im not now i am not going to have that feeling of a child growing inside me some day i may but right now i am scared to try again i am scared and no one talks about it no one wants to hear about it. i dont understand why this is taboo and someone dying isnt? its the same thing you have a life or think you have a life and its taken away. Partial molar pregnacys are hard to explain - i dont want to explain it i just want someone to let me be sad let me be scared why is it when you go through a miscarrage you find out all these other people have why is it a secret i told people i was pregnat the moment i found out for the fact of if this would happen i wouldnt be going through this alone but i still feel alone

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