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Doc after miscarriage!

Mar 09, 2010 - 3 comments

after miscarriages

I went to my IVF doc today. He said there is nothing to do with the Blood Clotting Disorder that they found (c677T and A1298C mutations). He is very positive because it was my first IVF and I went through the 8 weeks (they transferred 2 embryos). I'm 40 he said it is normal when the first IVF doesn't work. We are going to start a new cycle next month and he will try to transfer 4 embryos if we have 4. I'm thinking positive.

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by Kricket212, Mar 09, 2010
That is what they also told me.  So it seems you have the same blood disorder as me.  It's called MTHFR with mutations.  I have two mutations of C677T but I also have PAI-1 so I am on baby aspirin & will take lovenox (blood thinner) as soon as I am confirmed pregnant again.  This was prescribed by Hemotoligst (Blood Dr) which I went to on my own.  Best Wishes to you on your next cycle.  I am in middle of a IUI.

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by gobruins, Apr 20, 2010
I visited the hemotologist, he did more tests and nothing else showed in my tests. My IVF doc gave me now 4mg acid folic a day.  Almost 2 months after the miscarriage still not having my period. We're gonna try IVF again, hope soon. After this IVF if doesn't work we are gonna try with egg donnor.

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by nette857, Apr 12, 2011
I have MTHFR just found out did some reading on it myself. Its where your blood is to thck to get to the placenta to help with having a healthy pregancy. And they only run this test after multiple pregancies.

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